15 Amazing Health Benefits Of Marijuana


Marijuana is only a drug or medicine this controversy is been continuing for years. After lots off research and discussion many countries are planning to consider to legalising this drug. The major cause is its medicinal value is much bigger than its negative impact. If marijuana is legalised then researchers will be able to find out more goodness of it. Experts say that only 6 per cent of study proved its medicinal uses. Till now researchers manages to know two of its chemicals. One is Cannabidiol or CBD which effects on brain and the other one Tetrahydrocannabinol or THS which can work as pain killer. Most of the country trust on marijuana’s negative effect and has not legalised it. Remember, limitless use of this can create dependency and play with your memory and emotions.

Let’s Have A Look On Its 15 Health Benefits

Prevent Cancer

Research proved that marijuana slows down spreading cancer and it may block cancer cells as well. Marijuana has a chemical called Cannabidiol or CBD, which is able to stop cancer by killing a gene named Id-1. It has the power to control development of cancer cells. Researchers found that marijuana set back the growth of tumour of brain, lungs and breasts.


Prevent Alzheimer

Marijuana is able to prevent Alzheimer diseases. It has a component called THC or Tetrahydrocannabinol which delays the production of amyloid plaques. It is done to stop an enzyme in the brain.

Alzheimer Disease

Treat Glaucoma

One of the documented effect of marijuana is it treats glaucoma. Glaucoma can harm your vision. It increases pressure on your eyeball and damages your visual nerves. Marijuana reduced the pressure on your eyes.


Heal Migraine

Marijuana is used to cure migraine. According to a report, after legalising it in California, doctors used it to treat migraine patients. These cases are successfully treated when other medicine failed.


Helpful For Arthritis

One of the research proved that cannabidiol works to reduce inflammation, pain and help to take a good sleep. It is very effective for rheumatoid arthritis. It is seen that cannabidiol based medicine works better to comfort the arthritis patients than other medicines.


Multiple Sclerosis

Marijuana has the power to stop muscle eruption and negative neurological effects. One study organised by Canadian Medical Association suggests marijuana works fantastic on the pains which occur due to multiple sclerosis.


Prevent Tremor Of Parkinson’s

Recent research work proved that marijuana smoking extraordinarily decreases pain and tremor of Parkinson’s patients. Israel government legalise marijuana and aiding for different research work to find out marijuana’s other medicinal uses.


Reduce Anxiety

If you are suffering in anxiety then no medicine can help you better than marijuana. In fact, Harvard University did a research where researchers suggests that low doses of marijuana will reduce your anxiety and will make you calm, relax and improve your mood.


Protect Brain

Nottingham University proved that cannabis protects brain damage which can cause by the stroke. It shrinks the affected area. This component of marijuana plant also protects brain efficiently after any trauma, shock or unconsciousness.

healthy Brain

Reduce Nausea And Pain

Marijuana is used most commonly for the cancer patients. These patients who are taking chemotherapy suffer with severe pain, nausea, indigestion and loss of appetite. Marijuana helps them to combat with these side effects. This drug is good to reduce these symptoms.


Treat Inflammatory Bowel Disorder

Inflammatory bowel disorder means pain, diarrhoea, vomiting and weight loss. Marijuana can be the best solution for these symptoms. Israel researchers proved that one joint can do the magic earlier than other medicine.

bowel disorder

Restore The Effect Of Treatment Of Hepatitis C

Hepatitis C treatment has many critical side effects. Side effects are like vomiting, nausea, fatigue, loss of appetite, muscle pain and depression for long time. Many patients stop taking treatment due to this illness. It is been proved that smoking marijuana is effective to fight with these side effects. Smokers complete their treatment much more than non-smokers.


Improve Lung Health

There is evidence that marijuana don’t harm lungs unless you are adding tobacco with it. In fact, tobacco is harmful. But marijuana enhances lung’s function and its capacity.


Prevent Muscle Tremors

There are some patients who suffer in muscle spasm. They feel tremors in their parts of the body. It is very painful as well as it interferes in breathing and speaking. Smoking marijuana is good for your muscle spasms.

Muscle Tremors

Eliminate Nightmares

Smoking always interrupts sleeping cycle by affecting the later stages of REM sleep. A person who suffers in nightmares can smoke marijuana to reduce their nightmares and other dreams which interrupt their sleep.




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