15 Amazing Health Benefits Of Lulo


Lulo is one of the citrus fruit which grows on tiny tree or shrub. It is generally found in the regions of South America. Many people compare this fruit with the pineapple or sometimes combination of rhubarb and lime.

Here Are 15 Amazing Health Benefits Of Lulo Which Should Be Known

Stimulates Immune System

This is very useful in boosting the immune system. It is high in vitamin C and acts an antioxidant in clearing out the free radicals from the system and further stimulates the production of white blood cells.

Immune System

Digestive Health

A type of fiber known as Pepsin is present in lulo and is very useful for the digestive tract. This fiber is the best for the gastrointestinal heath tract. It eliminates cramping, constipation, bloating and other gastric ulcers.


Vision Health

Lulo has abundance of vitamin A as well as beta carotene and helps in neutralizing free radicals. It also reduces any chances of cataracts, degeneration or any other vision issues.


Heart Health

The combination of fiber along with vitamins as well as minerals improves the functioning of cardiovascular system and further lowers the risk of heart strokes and heart attacks.



It has sufficient amount of iron that helps in increasing the counts of red blood cells and boosts the blood circulation and hence increases oxygen flow in the organ cells and systems.

Blood Circulation

Bone Strength

Lulo is rich in minerals such as phosphorous, calcium and iron and hence improves the bone tissue density and therefore prevents many conditions like arthritis and osteoporosis.

Healthy Bones

Detoxify Body

This cleanses excess of toxins from the kidney, eliminates salts, fat and water from the body. It detoxifies the body and the blood of toxins.


Stress Relief

It changes hormones in the body and hence improves mood, reduces stress and promotes sleep mostly for a person who is suffering from insomnia.


Prevents Cancer

The mixture of antioxidants and vitamins neutralizes the free radicals inside the body. This gives this fruit into anti-carcinogenic ability.


Weight Loss

It is useful for losing weight when it is associated with pineapple and is recommended for digestive problems, minerals and vitamins deficiency and any kinds of blood vessels disorders.

Weight Loss

Cosmetic Treatments

It is used in cosmetic treatments as it comprises of vitamin A and is used to maintain the products for youth as well as beauty, thereby improving the skin quality and reduces wrinkles.


Protects Skin

It prevents any kind of skin cancer and sunburn as it comprises of beta- carotene which is deposited in skin and acts as a protective shield and thereby removes the negativity of sunlight.

skin cancer

Soothing Qualities

Lulo fruit has exfoliating and soothing properties. It is very much beneficial for good looking skin when combined with different fruits such as apples, mango, orange, lime, bananas etc.

soothing properties

Controls Sugar In Body

This best and fresh fruit is good to consume as these does not contain any kind of food additives or any kind of sugar concentration. Moreover, it keeps the sugar level in the body under control.


Stimulates Brain

Lulo has abundance of protein and fatty acids and hence should not be consumed in excess amount. It comprises of coconut and is very excellent for stimulating the activity of the brain.


Different people around the world have different tastes and different combinations of many nutrients. The lulo juice is very popular and is a very healthy drink and is of unusual color of green.



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