15 Amazing Health Benefits Of Longan


Commonly referred to as the little brother of lychee, Longan is slightly smaller than lychee and is closely allied with it. The taste of the fruit is similar to that of lychee and is highly pricy because of the fact that they follow up the season of the lychee. Longan is also allied the dragons eye and are very soft.

Given Here Are Some Of The Many Benefits From Longan

Treats Nerve Problems

Longan is highly recommended as an anti-depressant which acts as miracles to the nerve problems. They tend to give a relaxing effect to the nerves and helps in proving and enhancing the functionality of the nerve. Other than that it helps in reducing fatigue and lowers irritability.


Heals Wound

Longan helps in healing wound and helps in increasing longevity. Polyphenols and Longan together helps in combating the free radicals in the body which prevents cell damage and reduces the risk of developing some types of cancer.


Improves Blood Circulation

Longan helps in iron assimilation in human body and helps to prevent occurrence of anaemia and improve blood circulation.

Blood Circulation

Energy Enhancer

Longan is an excellent Qi tonic and is an excellent source of energy. It is used to get rid of sleeplessness and memory loss and is also anxiousness which is basically an outcome of blood related problems.


Fat Burner

Longan is low in calories and fat is one of the healthy options for those who are not able to cut down fat. It has complex carbohydrates which raises the level of stamina and enhances energy.

 Burn Fat

Defense Mechanism

Longan has high content of vitamin C which helps in safeguarding the body from cold and flu. It tends to increase the defense mechanism and assists in soaking up the iron and improve the skin condition of the body.

cold and flu

Treats Heart Conditions

Longan helps in treating heart conditions by cutting down the extra fatigue and stress in the body which effectively simulates spleen and rejuvenates the heart and soothes the nervous system. Other than that it also reduces the risk of cardiac arrest and strokes.


Skin Benefits

Longan is beneficial for the skin and contains anti-ageing properties which helps in improving the skin health. The fruit is helping particularly to the delicate skins like near the eyes and minimize peeling and cracking of the skin. Other than that it also helps in improving the skin tone and makes your teeth and gum in very good condition.


Treats Snake Bites

Seeds of Longan helps in treating snake bites. On pressing the eye of the seed against the snake bite area helps in absorbing the venom of the snake and cures the bite. The seeds also have saponin which works as wonders for the hair and is also used as one of the most important ingredients in the shampoo.

snake bite

Stops Blood And Other Secretion

Seeds of Longan are used to counteract heavy sweating which the pulverized kernel contains saponin, fat and tannin which serves as the major substance which draws the tissue together and constricts the tissues and in an away helps to stop blood and other types of secretion.


Treats Insomnia

Longan is prescribed to the patients suffering from insomnia. It is very useful in treating the sleep deprived problems.


Relaxes Heart And Spleen

The nutrient content in the longan helps in providing the essential fuel for the functioning of heart and spleen.


Nervous System

Longan helps in flowing the blood smoothly through out the body, thus provide calming effect to the nervous system.

nervous system

They are available abundantly in the summer season and is consumed both dried or raw. Longan has high nutritional values and is very rich in vitamin C and vitamin A. Other than that some of the other nutrients are magnesium, phosphorus, potassium and iron.

Beneficial In PMS

This herb reduces anxiety, stress and PMS related problems in ladies. It gives hassel free periods to the women.


Controls Tuberculosis

This herb is very effective in treating TB specially if the patient is suffering from heart diseases at the same time.




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