15 Amazing Health Benefits Of Lemon Balm Tea


Lemon balm is a herb that belongs to the mint family and is known for its medicinal benefits. Lemon balm tea is prepared by infusing 1/4 to 1 tsp of tea leaves in hot water for 2-3 minutes. People who suffer from anxiety problems and stomach ailments can drink this tea 3-4 times a day for getting relief. This tea is also used for topical applications for the treatments of sores and insect bites, where a stronger concoction has to be prepared. Add 2-3 tsp of lemon balm leaves to a cup of hot water and infuse for 10 minutes and cool and use topically.

The Various Health Benefits Of Lemon Balm Tea Are

Aids Better Digestion

Lemon balm tea has carminative properties that can provide soothing effects to the stomach. Acidity, flatulence are common stomach problems that can be treated by drinking lemon balm teas after heavy meals. It reduces bloating and other digestion tract problems.



People suffering from anxiety, restlessness and sleep disorders are often suggested lemon tea intake. It calms the mind and settles jittery nerves. Lemon balm tea can be used in combination of various herbs like valerian and chamomile which gives better results.



Lemon balm is a mild sedative and helps to relax the mind and body to induce better sleep. People who suffer from problems of insomnia and have trouble in sleeping can have lemon balm tea before going to bed.


Women’s Health

Women suffering from PMS and menopausal symptoms like irritability and restlessness experience relief with the intake of lemon balm tea.


Cold Sores

Lemon balm has strong anti-inflammatory properties and can heal sores when applied topically. It contains flavonoids and phenolic acid that can fight the germs of herpes virus and treat the problem of herpes simplex virus sores. These sores usually develop around the genitals and the mouth, and the redness and swelling can be considerably reduced with the application of this tea on the affected area.

cold sores

Protects The Brain

Lemon balm contains rosmarinic acid and Eugenol which are powerful compounds that can protect the brain from damage. It reduces the degradation of the brain cells that is caused due to ageing and also diseases like Alzheimer’s can be treated with regular intake of lemon balm tea. The chances of stroke are minimized and when administered after a stroke can help in preventing further damage.


Blood Sugar

Lemon balm tea has strong antioxidant qualities that help in maintaining proper levels of blood sugar and reduce the insulin resistance in the body. Thus, the blood sugar level is controlled.


Detoxifies The Liver

The liver over a time period collects toxins and could start getting damaged due to the effect of these toxins. Lemon balm tea has compounds that can detoxify the liver and protect the liver from the damaging effects of these harmful toxins.


Increases Memory Power

Sipping lemon balm tea not only rejuvenates the mind but also revokes senses and make the mind alert. It increases memory power with the mechanism of eugenol, a compound present in lemon balm tea that can stimulate the brain. It also works by uplifting the mood and improving the cognitive functions.


Antioxidant Powers

Lemon balm is high in antioxidants like Eugenol and Rosemarinic acid which protect the brain. Also, antioxidants like ferulic and caffeinic acids and quercetin are all present in lemon balm tea, which protect the skin from the free radical damage and also the harmful effects of the UV rays.

free radical

Strengthens Immunity

The caffeic and rosmarinic acid in lemon balm helps to fight infections in the body as they have antibacterial and antiviral qualities. They strengthen the walls of the cells to prevent the penetration of germs and protect the body from the attacks of viruses and also curb the infection from spreading to all the parts of the body.


Thyroid Functions

Lemon balm tea is used for the treatment of thyroid disorders like the Grave’s disease in which the thyroid gland starts producing the hormone in excess, lemon balm works by blocking the functions of the gland.



Regular intake of lemon balm tea can help reduce wrinkles and prevent the sagging of the skin. It also protects from the harmful rays of the sun with the help of its antioxidant properties.


Protects Against Radiation

People who are exposed to the harmful rays of the radiation therapy can benefit from the intake of lemon tea as it protects the body from the harmful rays of radiation and reduces oxidative stress.

uv rays

Bug Repellant

When applied topically, lemon balm tea helps to soothe the bites of insects and the inflammation caused by it due to its astringent properties. The itchiness and swelling caused by the bug bites is instantly reduced and the person inflicted starts feeling better.

Insect Bites


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