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15 Amazing Benefits Of Strawberry For Skin Care


Mother Nature has provided a lot of food items that will perfectly take care of the human body. Strawberries are one such kind of fruit that can handle the human skin in a perfect manner. It is considered as one of the best type of fruit that taste great and is used for its rich source of antioxidants. This particular berry is best to maintain flawless skin and avoids formation of premature aging symptoms. It will provide perfect nourishment to the skin from beneath. Continuous use of strawberries is preferred as they are best for human body. They can be used in natural form or can be used in various types of food items. The extracts of strawberries are of great use and must be taken on regular basis.

Few Benefits Of Consuming Strawberries Are As Follows

Avoids Oily Skin

People suffering from oily skin can take huge benefits from intake of strawberry. The vitamin C that is present in strawberry will help to nourish the skin and reduce the excessive production of oil from the skin. This is the reason as to why strawberries are used in general face mask. Strawberry is very acidic in nature and will thus help in removing the excess amount of sebum from the skin.

Oily Skin

Repairs Skin

Use of strawberry can help to repair the skin in a very perfect manner. Vitamin C present in strawberry is the best ingredient that will help to repair the tissues along with the skin.


Fighting With Aging Problems

Strawberry is very perfect type of fruit that will help to fight with all kinds of aging problems. The premature aging symptoms can also be cured by intake of strawberries in diet. They contain ellagic acid in it that will help to produce more amounts of elastin and collagen.


Skin Cleanser

Skin cleansing is a very important type of requirement in the present day situation. The upper layer of the skin must be cleaned properly in order to remove dirt and other kinds of impurities. Use of strawberry can be perfect to deep cleanse the skin. The exfoliant, antioxidants and salicylic acid present in strawberry will help in the cleansing process.


Regenerates New Skin Cells

Strawberry will help to take care of the skin in a very perfect manner. It will help to regenerate all new skin cells and provide a perfect look to the face. New cells removes the dead skin cells.


Removes Acnes

Acnes are serious types of skin issues that can hamper the overall look of the skin. Formation of acne is very simple in the skin. Sebum that gets accumulated in the skin results in the formation of acne. Strawberry is used in various types of acne removing creams due to their acidic nature. The acidic property will help to remove all unnecessary oils from the skin.


Used As Scrub

Strawberry can be used in the form of oats. Crush down some Strawberry and mix some grounded oats into it. Add some glycerin and mix it properly. This mixture can now be used as perfect scrub.


Toning The Skin

Skin need to be toned in order to maintain it for longer period of time and provide proper nourishment. Strawberry can be used to provide proper toning to the skin and avoids all kinds of pimples. Crush some strawberry and mix some rose water to prepare a solution. Apply this solution to provide toning effect.


Act As Exfoliating Agent

Use of Strawberry juice can act as exfoliating agent for the skin. It will remove all kinds of dirts and dead skin cells from the skin. It is thus perfect for skin care.


Makes Skin Smooth

Use of Strawberry can help to maintain the skin and make it smooth. Strawberry paste or face pack can be used to get shiny as well as smooth texture on the face. It is thus used in various face packs.


Fairer Complexion

Use of strawberry will also help to provide glowing kind of complexion in few days. The constituents of strawberry are very exciting as they will help to remove the blemishes and will help in providing skin lightening effect. Prepare some fresh strawberry juice and drink it during breakfast time.

fair skin

Protection Against UV Rays

Use of strawberry in your diet will help to protect against the bad effects of UV rays. People are getting high range of tan on their skin due to the harmful UV rays. Use few strawberry related products or strawberry juice in order to remove the tanning effect. The antioxidants and ellagic acid will help in this process.

uv rays

Reducing Eye Puffiness

The puffiness that is created below the eyes looks very ugly and need to be cured on time. Application of strawberry will help to reduce the intensity of puffiness and thus cures the skin. Cut one fresh strawberry into thin slices and put on the eyes for some time. You can also apply the strawberry juice on the affected eye region.puffiness

Heal Pigmentation

Strawberries are known as the rich source of ellagic acid that can cure the problem of hyperpigmentation caused due to UV rays.


Works As A Foot Scrub

If you desire to get a soft and crack-free feet, then Strawberries can be very effective. Use it as a foot scrub for moisturizing your feet by mashing 4 to 6 strawberries. For a better result mixing the mashed strawberries with some drops of grounded oats and glycerin.

foot scrub


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