15 Amazing Benefits Of Sage For Your Health


Sage has been used since ancient roman civilization as a medicinal and culinary herb because of its rich nutritional content. This aromatic herb is packed with polyphenols, essential oils and vitamins like vitamin A, C, B and minerals like calcium, potassium, magnesium, zinc, manganese, iron and copper. Due the amazing health benefits, it is used as a medicinal herb in Chinese and traditional European medicines. Because of its pleasant aroma, the volatile sage oil is used as fragrance in cosmetics soaps etc. Sage is also an excellent digestive herb, used for seasoning dishes, especially meats. It contains antibacterial, analgesic, antibacterial, antifungal, antioxidant, anticancer, astringent and aromatic properties.

Health Benefits Of Sage

Sage is available in the form of extract, tincture, capsules, herbal tea, essential oil and infusion. It offers excellent health benefits. Arabs and Chinese recognize this herb as the “key to healthy life”. Here are 15 most promising health benefits of this humble herb.

Brings Relief From Gastro Intestinal Problems

The anti-inflammatory properties of sage is helpful in treating gastrointestinal problems like indigestion, heartburn etc. The carminative effect of this herb brings relief from indigestion by stimulating bile flow, digestive secretion and pancreatic function when ingested as an herbal tea.


Treatment Of Sore Throat

Sage is also used in medicines that are used for throat and mouth inflammation. Sage infusion can effectively bring relief from inflamed throat and tonsils. To get relief, boil ½ tsp. dried sage leaves in a cup of water and steep for 15 minutes. Strain the liquid and add little honey to sweeten the taste. Gargle with this concoction to get relief 2-3 times a day.

Sore Throat

Relieves From Pain And Inflammation

People suffering from inflammatory conditions like arthritis, can benefit by increasing their intake of sage. They can take sage extracts or use this herb for seasoning their food. Sage oil contains volatile essential oils which contains stimulant and astringent properties. Using this oil externally can bring relief from pain and inflammation from rheumatism, muscle stiffness and other neuralgic conditions.


Cold And Fever

Sage is considered a good remedy for getting relief from cold and fever. Sipping a cup of sage tea with added lemon juice slowly can bring relief from cold. Besides this, sage is also used to cure nervousness, fatigue, anxiety, stress and headache.


Treats Asthma

Sage has anti-spasmodic effect. Using sage in steam inhalation can bring relief from Asthma attacks. It can also provide relief from mucous congestion and prevent bronchial infection.


Neurological Benefits

Sage can promote better functioning of brain as it contain enzymes that work as outstanding memory enhancer, improves concentration and can also treat memory loss associated with Alzheimer’s disease.


Contains Antibacterial Properties

With its promising anti-bacterial properties, sage can successfully treat bacterial infections effecting intestine, genitals, urethra, nose, ears and eyes as well.


Protects Body From Free Radical Damage

The antioxidant properties contained in sage can protect the cells and tissues of our body from free radical damage, prevent heart disease, cancer and premature aging of the skin.

Heart Disease

Beneficial For Women

The estrogenic effect of sage is helpful for relieving menopausal women from hot flashes, dizziness, palpitations, nocturnal sweating, heavy menstrual bleeding, insomnia and drying up breast milk for weaning the baby from milk. Drinking sage tea regularly can help to get relief from estrogen deficiency which causes most of these symptoms.


Treats Depression

Sage tea can help to elevate mood, lessen stress and improve alertness, contentedness and calmness and help come out of depression.


Cures Fungal Infection

The anti-fungal property of sage can cure any fungal infection like athlete’s foot and dermatitis.


Relieves From Body Odor

Sage works as natural deodorizer and disinfectant which help to eliminate body odor and also reduces excessive sweating.

Body Odor

Treats Dental Problems

Sage can effectively treat dental problems like sore gums, gingivitis, bleeding gums, dental abscesses, sore throat mouth ulcers and canker sore because of it antibacterial and astringent properties. Tincture diluted with water or having strong sage tea can be used to sooth infection.

Dental Problems

Heals Skin Infection

The antibacterial and antiseptic properties of sage help to cure acne and blemishes as well as bring relief from eczema and psoriasis symptoms.


Prevents Hair Fall

Sage is highly recommended for treating male pattern baldness and reducing hair fall. Sage tea is used as hair rinse to bring color and shine to the hair.

Hair Fall

Sage can be used in both the forms – dried and fresh. Sage extract can be used for making tea and sage tincture or infusion can be used as hair rinse for gargling and applied to teeth and gums after diluting with water.


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