15 Amazing Benefits Of Lemon Verbena Essential Oil

Lemon Verbena Essential Oil

Lemon verbena is derived from the plant Lemon verbena which belongs to the verbenaceae family and is native to South American countries like Peru, Argentina and Uruguay. In the early 17th century the plant was introduced to the Europe market and by the 18th century, it was grown in the Mediterranean and was brought to North America. It was initially cultivated for culinary purposes as it used t add a lemony flavor to the dishes when left fresh or dried.

Given Here Are Some Of The Uses And Benefits Of Using Lemon Verbena


Modern day life has plenty of pressure, anything that might help you to reduce stress and anxiety is a relief. Inhaling this scent of essential oil is a great way to keep the zest of your life under control. All you have to do is make a cup of tea and add lemon verbena oil in it, the antioxidants in the oil will help you it bring balance to the hormones of the body and restore calm and harmony settling frazzled nerves.


Chronic Stress

There are plenty of people who are suffering from chronic stress. This can be devastating keeping in mind the effect it does to the well being of the person. A daily cup of tea with lemon verbena in it will help you to get rid of this problem in no time.


Fever Reducer

Lemon verbena in South America has been celebrated for its medical effects. It is very well known for its effect to reduce fever. This essential oil helps you to encourage sweating which in a way cause the fever to break and this helps in promoting the healing of the inflammatory conditions.


Fights Colds

This pale yellow oil helps in irradiate colds. So if you are feeling under the weather this is the essential oil which you are looking for. Add it to the tea you have and enjoy its healing effects.



If you are having the tea consisting of lemon verbena you are quite effecting in not getting any gastric pain or intestinal spasms. The digestion process is improved and will alleviate the nausea, stomach cramps and indigestion. The herbal properties of the oil help you to calm your tummy and get relief from cramping and bloating.


Low Calorie Hydration

If you are looking for healthy functioning of the organs, it is very important to be hydrated. If you are scared that six to eight glasses of fluids can have calorie impact on the body then consider having lemon verbena.



If you are suffering from cough you need to drink tea of lemon verbena. It helps to loosen up the mucous clogging to provide passage.


Recovering The Body

Consuming lemon verbena in tea helps the body to recover quickier than expected. This is a great way to speed up the recovery process and most likely helps you not to get sick in the first place.



Oxidative stress can lead to affect the body due to free radicals and the attack on the organs and lead to compromise our immune system. Fortunately lemon verbena has low oxidative stress levels as it promotes the white blood cells.


Anti Inflammatory

The antioxidants help to directly reduce joint pains and sped up healing to improve mobility.


Strengthens Weak Tissues

It helps healing of the weak tissues and reduces lactic acid building up in the body.

weak tissues


Cleaning skin with this oil add balance, moisture and beauty to the skin.



Lemon Verbena is also used in perfumes and cosmetics. This essential oil is great when applied to ink and paper and adds lemony fragrance.


Anti Bacterial

Lemon verbena oil has anti bacterial and anti microbial properties which, makes them a primary ingredient in body cleaning products. Other than that it also provides a pleasant scent.



Apply a little drop of lemon verbena on the diffuser and burn that oil. The oil helps you to remain focused and open up your mind to absorb and retain information. It is great for boosting up the concentration and helps us to keep us alert. Other than that if you are just looking for some mood booster, this scent will help you to push the buttons.


Lemon Verbena has plenty of uses and its leaves can be used as a replacement for the lemon grass. Other than that it is added to Tea to increase the flavor. When they are sliced it gives a lemony flavor to the drinks and cakes and puddings. Lemon verbena has plenty of therapeutic properties which results in plenty of health applications.


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