15 Amazing Benefits Of Banana Peels

banana peel

The banana flesh is very rich in various nutrients as well as carbohydrates. Banana peel is very high in vitamins such as vitamin B12, B6, magnesium as well as potassium. The banana peel containing sugar content is very high at the time when the peel starts to turn black.

Here Are 15 Benefits Of Banana Peels

Treat Pimples

The banana peel helps in curing pimples. Start by massaging the banana peels on to the face and to the body for about 5 minutes daily in order to cure pimples. Within a week the results are visible. The peels should be applied at a time duration till the pimples disappears.


Whitening Teeth

It helps to bring sparkle to the teeth. By rubbing a banana peel daily for about one week on to the teeth for a time duration of one minute will actually result in whitening of the teeth, otherwise can cost huge amount of money.


Removes Warts

The banana peel also helps to remove warts as well as eliminate the growth of a new one. To achieve this, rub the peel over the area that is affected or else tie on the peel overnight. This method is the simplest method in order to use the banana peel over the skin.


Pain Reliever

It helps in getting relief from any kinds of pain. Slowly apply the banana peel over the area that is paining. Leave the peel over the area for about 20 minutes until the pain goes off. Foe better results, a mixture of banana peel along with vegetable oil also gives pain relief.


Treats Anemia

Since the flesh of the banana is very sweet and soft, the skin of the peel is very thick, slightly bitter and fibrous. It contains huge amount of fibre and iron. Eating the peel either by blending, baking, or boiling them for about 15 minutes.


UV Protection

Banana peel helps to protect the eyes from the very harmful UV rays of the sun. Leave the banana peel under sun before starting to rub it on the eyes. It also helps in reducing the risk to get cataracts.

uv rays

Heals Bites

The bites caused on the skin due to insects or other methods can be reduced with the help of the banana peels. Start by massaging the peel over the area that is affected by mosquito bites or other bites to get quick relief from pain and itching.


Helps In Digestion

Banana peels contain 12% of daily fiber and potassium, 17% of vitamin C, 20% of vitamin B6 that helps in digestion, lower diabetes, growth, development, to convert the food into energy and development of cells and tissues.


Acne Treatment

There has been many remedies to treat blemishes and acne. One such is the application of banana peel over the area for few minutes, rinsing and repeating it twice a day as it contains antioxidants.


Skin Brightener And Moisturizer

It can brighten the skin by gently rubbing the inner side of the peel over the area and rinsing afterwards. It can be applied to soften the skin and hydrate it and fight wrinkles.


Provide Instant Energy

Banana peel is very famous between athletes as it converts natural sugar into instant energy quickly. Banana peel is also suggested to be taken during breakfast as it provides energy that needs to be consumed whole day.


Keeps Blood Pressure Under Control

The potassium content in the banana peel keeps the blood pressure under control. It also helps in the absorption of calcium.

Blood pressure

Controls Cholesterol

The pectin (soluble fiber) content in the banana helps in controlling cholesterol in the body. Researches shows that water soluble fibers like pectin, beta glucan helps in lowering the LHL level without disturbing the high density lipoproteins, thus controls cholesterol.


Renal Health

The potassium content in the banana helps in maintaining the renal health.

renal health

Risk Of Heart Attack Decreases

Researches reveals that high content of potassium in the banana helps in decreasing the risk of heart attack. Hence, it is advisable to add one banana in your diet daily.

Heart Disease

It is quite very strange to eat a rough and thick area of banana, but actually there lies various ways to eat the peel. By frying or baking, blending and then boiling, it results with quite a good taste. So, try them out!!


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