15 Amazing Benefits Of Arugula


Arugula is very healthy and nutritious vegetable that is away from people’s notice. Arugula is also known as salad rocket or garden rocket and has a very distinctive peppery flavor. Arugula has plenty of surprising health benefits.

Given Below Are Some Of The Benefits Of Arugula

Cancer Protection

Like plenty of other cruciferous vegetables arugula has special sulfur containing elements which have the potential for several health benefits. When you eat arugula the glucosinolates are broken down into components. These components help in inactivating the cancer causing chemicals and protect the cell DNA from being damaged. Other than that they also protect the body by preventing blood vessel formation and tumor cell migration.


Good For Heart

If there is deficiency of vitamin K in the body might lead to crippling osteoporosis and is well implicated in many degenerative diseases. People who are suffering from bad circulatory problems must have arugula in their diet.


Eye Nutrients

Antioxidants like zeaxanthin and lutein are in high levels in arugula. These antioxidants are concentrated by the area in the eye responsible for detecting fine details. They even help the eye to protect itself from UV light and high intensity light that can cause eyestrains and vision problems.


Antioxidant Health Benefits

Arugula is a very good source of antioxidants like beta carotene which helps to prevent free radical damage to the cells in the body. These are often listed for vitamin A and nutritional information notes that has nearly half of the daily recommended intake.


Avoid Scurvy

Vitamin C is present in huge quantity in arugula which makes up to about 25% of the daily recommended. Vitamin C in the vegetable ha plenty of vital role to play in health gums and teeth.



Arugula’s leafy green contains antioxidants called as alpha lipoid acid which helps in lowering the glucose level of the body and increase the insulin sensitive and also prevents the oxidative stress to induce the changes in the patient suffering from diabetes.


Enhance Performance Of Athletes

The dietary nitrate in the form of arugula enhances the exercise tolerance when you are under long duration endurance exercise.


Osteoporosis Prevention

If there is low level of vitamin K in the diet you are associated with high risk to suffer from bone fracture so when you have adequate consumption of vitamin K you improve your bone health which acts as a bone matrix protein improving calcium absorption.


Increases Immunity

The vitamin and minerals content in arugula increases the immunity system in the body. It also acts as an effective agent in terms of controlling infections in the body.


Good For Skin

The vitamin K and vitamin E content in arugula, makes it excellent for the glowing skin.


Take Care Of Bones

The calcium content in this nutritious vegetable makes it bets for maintaining the density of the bones. Arugula is rich in Vitamin K which is involved in calcium regulating the metabolism and helps the minerals to get to the bones.

Healthy Bones

Maintain Blood Clotting

Arugula helps in reducing the risk of blood clots. The blue marks which generally occur due to minor injuries can be controlled by this vegetable.

blood clotting

Makes Liver Strong

Arugula helps in keeping the liver healthy. Patients with liver disorders are recommended to eat arugula.


Maintain Red Blood Cells

The RBC counts can be well maintained in the blood with the regular intake of this nutritious vegetable.

blood cells

Prevent Anemia

The folic acid content in arugula helps the person to fight against anemia. Thus,it need to be added in your diet daily to overcome anemia.


Arugula is most commonly consumed fresh in salads but can also be incorporated in casseroles and pastas. It is quite tender and adds a lot of flavor to the dish even more than spinach. It has a bit peppery flavor and is very common as a topping in pizzas. If you are taking blood thinners then this vegetable is a strict no and other food consisting of high vitamin K in the diet.



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