15 Amazing Benefits Of Angostura For Skin Hair And Health


Nature has provided us many useful herbs and medicinal plants in which lies the secret of immortality. One of those plants is Angostura. This plant is very beneficial for sound mind, better physical health and long life. It has been used in the preparation of several food and drink recipes which give abundant health benefits. Just like internal health, this plant is equally beneficial for skin and hairs. Angostura plant is originated in tropical South America and the northern part of Brazil. This plant has widely been used by the natives of those regions to treat a varied number of health ailments. The bark of this plant is highly effective in cure of fever and diarrhea. Its bark has got amazing soothing and anti-inflammatory properties that are useful in providing quick and safe recovery from numbness, palsy and tremors. Besides this, the decoction made using the bark helps in improving appetite, assisting in digestion, weight loss and alleviating stomach pain.

In This Article We Will Talk About Fifteen Benefits Of Angostura For Skin, Hair And Health

Prevents Water Retention

With the help of perspiration and urination, excess of water is eliminated from the body which solves the problem of water retention in the body. This also helps in efficient weight management of a person.

Water Retention

Treats Cough

The strong decoction of the bark of Angostura treats recurrent and whooping coughs along with certain problems related to the human pulmonary system.


Treat Tuberculosis

Due to the presence of two significant chemical compounds such as angosturin and galipine, the bark of Angostura exhibits useful anti-tuberculosis attributes. This property is used for natural, safe and permanent treatment of life threatening disease – Tuberculosis.


Antimicrobial And Antibacterial Agent

Angostura bark has remarkable antimicrobial and antibacterial qualities that heals different types of skin problems and sterilizes small and major injuries.


Antispasmodic Action

The antispasmodic properties of this plant make Angostura very useful in treating ailments caused due to weak digestive system such as Irritable Bowel Syndrome and Crohn’s disease. This plant improves digestion, metabolism and in successful cure of these diseases.


Good In Paralysis

The bark of Angostura is found to be very effective on the nerves of the spine. It is used in helping people with minor to chronic paralytic problems.


Treat Diarrhea And Dysentery

People who are suffering from dysentery and diarrhea should start consuming Angostura as it helps in combatting dehydration and other difficult signs of these diseases. This plant has been used in South America as one of the best remedy for dysentery and diarrhea. The consumption of its extract helps in reducing stomach pain too.


Stimulates Blood Circulation

Angostura aids in stimulating blood circulation in the body so that each and every cell of the body receives enough amount of nutrition and stays healthy.

Blood Circulation

Diuretic Agent

Angostura is known as a diuretic that increases perspiration and urination in a person. By both these actions toxins gets expelled from the body efficiently and effectively.


Controls High Fevers

Angostura has amazing properties that helps in controlling high fever.


Preventing Malaria

Angostura is found very effective in preventing the reoccurrence of malaria in a person. It strongly fights against the causes leading towards this problem and difficult symptoms in an effective manner.


Strong And Healthy Hair

Angostura stimulates the health of hair by promoting outward circulation of blood. This encourages the flow of blood to the scalp and also supplies large amounts of nutrients to the scalp and hair follicles. On getting sufficient quantity of oxygen and nutrients your hair becomes strong, vitalised and healthy.

Healthy Hair

Efficient Detoxifying Agent

Angostura helps in releasing toxins from the body in the form of perspiration and regular elimination of bowel from the body. This flushes out the harmful toxins and pathogens from the body which are the reason behind various external and internal health issues.


Flawless Skin

Angostura indirectly impacts your skin by making it flawless and blemish free naturally. By efficient detoxification of the toxins in the form of perspiration and urination, it gives one smooth and spotless and beautiful skin easily.


Increase Perspiration

Irregular movements of bowel in the body cause formation of toxins and other harmful pathogens in the body. Angostura helps in better evacuation of bowel on a daily basis.


The extracts of Angostura are majorly found in drinks and foods. It is considered to be safe for adults when taken in moderate amounts. When consumed in large amounts may lead to nausea and vomiting sensations. Pregnant women and lactating mothers should completely avoid its consumption. Also, people who are suffering with malaria or cancer and undergoing treatment for these diseases should consume angostura on after the recommendation of doctor.


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