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14 Helpful Health Homemade Remedies


We can have a happy life only when we are healthy. Diseases have become so common today that every person suffers from some or the other health problem. This is the leading cause of suffering and distress that affect humans in the modern age. People become sick and unable to carry out the daily activities of their life and this affects the quality of life. Although medical treatment is necessary for treating health problems, some simple home remedies can also prevent and treat common diseases that affect us. Home remedies are inexpensive and don’t cause any side effect. We will tell you about some simple home remedies here.

Following Are The 14 Helpful Health Homemade Remedies

Ginger For Nausea

Nausea is a very common problem especially for patients who undergo surgery. Ginger can help in treating this problem very nicely. Boil chopped ginger in water to prepare its infusion. Strain and cool the liquid. Put in the freezer of your refrigerator. Use ice cube tray for this. Suck crushed ginger ice cubes when there is nausea. This is useful for pregnant women also.


Aniseed For Nausea

You can also treat nausea by using the aniseed spice. Take tea made with aniseed. For making the tea, you need to boil the seed in water and steep it. After that, you can strain the liquid. Consume the tea when you have nausea. Do this remedy one time daily.


Olive Oil For Hair

Oil massage helps in making the scalp healthy while treating many types of hair problems like dryness. Apply olive oil on scalp and do gentle massage. The oil should be hot and not cold. You can also do the scalp massage with coconut oil.


Olive Oil For Lice

Olive oil is also an effective remedy for head lice in children. Apply the oil on your child’s hair and leave it overnight. Wear a cap at night while sleeping. It will help in suffocating and killing the lice. Next morning, wash the hair and remove the dead lice with a comb.

olive oil

Baking Soda For Acne

The problem of acne can be cured by using baking soda. You should mix little amount of water with it. Apply on acne-affected areas of the face. Wash the face after twenty minutes using lukewarm water. It will help in healing the acne.

Baking Soda

Turmeric For Healthy Skin

You can get healthy skin by suing turmeric powder. The spice helps in healing many types of skin problems. Mix turmeric with water. Apply on skin. Wash when the paste has become dry. You can also mix the spice with honey. Apply on skin. Let it become dry. Wash the skin.


Lemon Juice For Facial Hair

Lemon juice helps in making unwanted hair on face light colored. Add sugar with the juice. Apply on face and rub the skin very gently. Do gentle scrubbing with the mixture. Wash the face after fifteen minutes. Do this twice a week.


Saltwater Gargling For Sore Throat

Salt water gargling can help in treating sore throat. Mix salt with hot or lukewarm water. You should do gargling with this liquid. Spit out the water after that. Don’t ingest the liquid. Do this remedy four times daily.

Salt Water

Cucumber For Dark Circles

You can cure dark circles by using grated cucumber and curd. Mix both the ingredients well. Apply below the eyes over the dark area for twenty minutes. Wash the skin after that using lukewarm water.


Aloe Vera For Burns

Sometimes, the skin is burned by the flame of gas or by touching hot cooking vessels. Aloe Vera gel helps in treating burns. Apply the gel on affected skin. It will help in healing the burn and soothing the skin.

Aloe Vera

Buttermilk For Indigestion

Stomach problems like indigestion are very common. If you have indigestion due to eating the wrong types of foods, you can cure the problem by drinking buttermilk. Add salt to buttermilk and drink. It will give relief in indigestion.


Coconut Milk For Dry Skin

Dryness of skin can be cured by using coconut milk. It contains nutrients that help in moisturizing the skin. Extract coconut milk from raw coconuts. Apply on face. Wash the face after twenty minutes using lukewarm water. The skin will become soft.

Coconut Milk

Egg For Facial Hair

Women can use egg for removing excess hair from face. Mix sugar granules with egg white. To this, you should add corn flour powder. Apply on face for twenty minutes. Remove the mask by peeling it off. It will help in removing hair along with the mask.


Gooseberry For Hair

If you have normal hair, you can use dry amla or gooseberry powder for getting healthy hair. Mix egg with amla powder. To this, you should add little amount of castor oil. Apply the paste on your hair. Wash the hair after half an hour with a shampoo.


Almond Oil For Grey Hair

Lemon juice helps in preventing and treating graying of hair when used along with almond oil. Mix both ingredients together well. Apply on hair for half an hour. Rub the oil on scalp also. After that, you can wash the hair using shampoo.

Almond oil



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