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13 Ways To Do Dry Skin Brushing And Its Benefits


Most of us take a lot of care of our face but often we neglect arms, hands, legs and other body parts. The other parts of body are as important as the face. Thus, using a scrub, cleanser and moisturizer on face is not enough. Take steps to clean and care for the whole body. Dry Skin brushing is an important skin care routine for the entire body. It improves the condition of skin making it clean and beautiful. You should brush the skin daily for best results. Do it right before taking bath. We will tell you about the benefits of this procedure while explaining the right method to do it. Following are the benefits and method of doing dry skin brushing.

List Of  Ways To Do Dry Skin Brushing And Its Benefits

Benefits Of Dry Skin Brushing

Makes The Skin Soft And Glowing

You can get beautiful glowing skin by doing dry skin brushing. It increases the activity of sweat glands apart from activating the oil glands. This helps in making the skin soft and moist by an increased production of sweat and oil.


Exfoliates The Skin

Dry brushing helps in exfoliating the skin. It removes waste material from the skin like dead cells, dust, dirt and other types of impurities. It is the best way to exfoliate the skin naturally.


Controls Cellulite

The problem of cellulite is controlled well by doing dry skin brushing. The skin becomes soft and the stubborn cellulite deposition in skin becomes less.


Better Absorption Of Nutrients

When debris is removed from the skin by doing dry brushing, it allows for a better absorption of nutrients. The skin is able to absorb nutrients well. It helps in better absorption of oxygen also.


Stimulates Nervous System

The nervous system becomes healthy and strong by doing dry skin brushing. It stimulates the nerves below our skin. The nervous system is activated and rejuvenated due to this.

nervous system

Better Blood Circulation

Blood circulation becomes improved when you do dry skin brushing. The metabolic waste is removed from the skin and this allows better flow of blood.

Blood Circulation

Opens Skin Pores

Dry skin brushing opens the blocked skin pores allowing the skin to breathe. The dirt is removed from the pores, which unblocks it making the skin healthy and beautiful.


More Collagen And Elastin

The skin tissues become stretched when you do dry skin brushing. It regenerates the skin cells. More collagen is formed and there is elastin formation, which makes the skin healthy.


Better Immunity

You can get a better immunity by doing dry skin brushing. When you do dry brushing and massage the skin, it stimulates the lymphatic system and flow of lymph cells, which helps in making the immune system healthy.


Prevents Skin Diseases

Dry skin brushing helps in preventing many types of skin diseases that are caused by deposition of waste material in the skin. Removal of waste helps in treating skin diseases apart from preventing premature aging of skin.


How To Do Dry Skin Brushing

Choose A Good Brush

It is easy to do dry skin brushing with the help of a natural material good dry brush. You can sue loofah or nylon brushes for this. Choose a brush that has a handle long enough for you to hold it comfortably. The brush should be able to reach the areas at the back of your body.


Brush The Skin

Start brushing the body starting from the legs. First, brush the lower part of feet and then the legs. Do brushing for ten times. Then do brushing upwards. Brush the hands, fingers and palms and then move upwards towards the arms. Move to the chest area. Then brush the stomach, neck and back. Lastly, do brushing on the face. Use a soft brush for face.


Take Bath

After you finish dry brushing on entire body, you should take bath or shower. It will help in removing the dead cells, dirt, dust and impurities removed by the brush. It will help in cleaning the skin.




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