13 Uses Of Vaseline You Need To Know


We have a bunch of latest beauty products to use, but that doesn’t mean we ignore the classics. One of the favorite beauty product we have been using since our childhood is Vaseline. This multi-purpose petroleum jelly has been in use since 150 years or so and does great miracles in treating several skin issues. However, the unknown fact is that Vaseline can be used for several other purposes as well. This multi-tasking humble tub of Vaseline is cost effective as well.

Here Are The Top 13 Uses Of Vaseline You Have To Know About

To Highlight Your Cheekbones

Why purchase those expensive illuminators and highlighters when you have Vaseline? It does a great job when it comes to highlighting your cheekbones. A bit of Vaseline does all the magic in highlighting your cheekbones. Dab a bit of this miracle jelly on your cheekbones for getting the dewy finish.


For Moisturizing Skin

You might think that Vaseline is super greasy and can block your skin pores. But, it is noncomedogenic and works as an amazing face cream and body moisturizer. A bit of Vaseline is enough to keep your skin moisturized throughout the day. However, talk to your dermatologist if you are having an acne-prone skin.


Heals Sunburns

Forgot to apply your sunscreen while having fun at the beach? You don’t have to worry about it when you have a tub of Vaseline. Sunburns cause itching and you can even have red burns and patches on the skin. Simply dab Vaseline on the affected area. It helps in providing moisture for the dried-out skin and even prevents it from peeling.


For Taming Brows

Greasing some Vaseline on your brows helps in keeping them in place throughout the day. Dab your finger in this meek Vaseline tub and apply on your brows and smooth them. You might even deal with the stubborn brow cowlicks.


Protect Sore Nose

If you have a runny nose, allergies, cold etc. your nose turns chapped and red. To protect a runny nose from becoming red, try using Vaseline. So, dab a bit of Vaseline around the nostrils to add the moisture back.


Aids Earring Insertion

People who do not wear earrings regularly experience severe pain when they put on the studs. However, Vaseline comes to your rescue. Simply rub your lobes with a bit of Vaseline beforehand so that it becomes easier for putting on the earrings.


Helps In Removing Lash Glue

Never tug on the fake eyelashes while removing off your makeup as it can harm the skin around the eyes. When you are dealing with some stuck lash strips, simply smudge a bit of Vaseline into the lash line using a cotton swab. After a few minutes, you can peel them off carefully.

lash glue

Heals Cracked Heels

Wearing sandals and wedges can transform your soft heels to scratchy and messy ones. So, try using Vaseline for soothing the cracked heels. Apply Vaseline on the cracked heels and put on your socks. Leave it overnight. The next morning, you will wake up with soft heels.


To Define Your Lashes

If you have no idea of using beauty products you can try using Vaseline for getting thicker-looking and shining eyelashes without even applying mascara. Dabbing the area with Vaseline makes the eyelashes look voluminous and longer. Some people even mentioned that using this magical petroleum jelly to the lashes can make them grow thick, long, and strong.


Soothes Dry Cuticles

Vaseline helps in soothing your dry cuticles as well. Simply dab your cuticles using a bit of Vaseline as it helps in softening the cracked cuticles. Follow the same regularly and you can notice promising results within a week or two.


To Prepare DIY Body Or Lip Scrub

Vaseline can be used to prepare a lip or body scrub at home. Mix a tbsp. of sugar with a bit of Vaseline. This is a quick-to-make lip scrub. Use this mix to scrub off the dead cells and get those luscious and rosy lips. You can even prepare a DIY body scrub by adding kosher salt and Vaseline. Use this scrub to gently scrub your whole body and exfoliate all the dead skin cells.


To Make Your Legs Shine

For giving the sun-kissed glow to your legs, simply dab your legs with Vaseline along with an old bronzer. Smooth this mixture over the legs and get the desired look.


Hide Your Split Ends

Moisturize your split ends by smoothing them with a bit of Vaseline. However, do not overdo it as it can make your tresses turn into a greasy mess. A small amount of Vaseline can help in hiding those split ends.

Get rid of split ends


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