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13 Uses Of Brewed Tea Bags

13 Uses Of Brewed Tea Bags
Tea leaves are one of the natural element that can be used in various useful ways, it can replace many chemical products which may hamper your health on the other hand tea leaves are natural product and does not effect or cause any harm neither has any side effects which generally the chemical products may cause when applied to any of  the body that requires treatment. Tea leaves are only used for preparing tea but since long time from they are used in various household matters as well as outdoor only it is always found harmless with a good effect,  among which very few are discussed below.

1. Tea Bags As Fertilizers

Re used tea bags are actually good fertilizers, take out the tea leaves from the bags and put it on the root of the plants, it helps the plants to grow properly and healthy, it acts as a fertilizer for the plants.
Tea Bags As Fertilizers

2. Tannic Acid

You can prevent the small plants from the acid loving plants produced like ferns and roses, put a double stained tea bags and put it on the bottom of the top of the plants, watering the plants will release the nutrients and tannic acid while increasing their growth and healthy plant.

Tannic Acid

3. Cleaner

The tea bags that are brewed more than one time, the water is kept for few hours to cool down, you can use it for cleaning your mirror, cleaning with water sometimes appears to have few spots but the tea water will clean it clearing the mirror with a spark.

4. Deodorant Spray

Take few spoons of any oil that you prefer accept mustard oil and lemon juice mix it well with twice brewed tea water pour it in a spraying bottle it acts as a deodorant which can refresh your stuffy or long time closed rooms.
Deodorant Spray

5. Rust Remover

Do you have rusts over your iron furniture or utensils or pots, the tea bags brewed water and tea leaves  are the best to remove the rusts present on the iron materials. Therefore it acts as a good rust remover.
Rust Remover

6. Smell Remover

Sometimes your fridge gets so stuffy and emerges a bad odor from it, generally baking soda is used to get rid of the smell  now you can replace the double brewed tea bags to clean the nasty smell of the refrigerator.
Smell Remover

7. Anti Bacterial

Litter box in your house sometimes or mostly gives a bad odor because of the dirt within the litter box not being cleaned, you can throw two brewed tea bags within the litter box, that reduces the smell to a great extent because of the antibacterial feature.
Anti Bacterial

8. Ash Cleaner

Clean the ashes of a fire place before it spreads around, simply by sprinkling the tea leaves from the brewed tea bags just before cleaning the ashes, it helps in settling the ashes and avoids to make a mess while cleaning the area of the fire place.
Ash Cleaner

9. Pain Reliever

Brewed tea bags work good on toothache, sores or any other pain, simply warm the brewed tea bags and roll it on a clean cloth and apply it, the warmth of the brewed tea bags helps to give a big relieve from the aches.
Pain Reliever

10. Steam Facial

Take a bowl of hot water and dip a tea bag, next position your face over the bowl only to take a steam bath for your face, cover your face with the towel so that the steam does not goes out, so through tea bags you can give your face the steam that opens pores of the faces and makes your face more fresh and clear.
Steam Facial

11. Swell Reducer

The eyes often goes through high pressure, that leads to the ache and puffy eyes, the tea bags that are brewed should be kept in the refrigerator for few hours and then apply the cold brewed tea bags laying back and compressing on the eyes will comfort you with much less pain.
Swell Reducer

12. Conditioner

Do you have few gray hairs or about to have gray hairs, simply soak the tea leaves in water overnight . Wash your hair with shampoo the next day properly and then apply the water removing the tea leaves from the water on the hair, and dry it . The water is a good conditioner and at the same time fades the gray hairs after several uses of the tea leaves water.

13. Reduces Leg Smell

Sometimes your feet smells nasty like fish, so simply soak your legs within the water, that is soaked with brewed tea  bags . It reduces the smell if you can repeat this   regularly.
Reduces Leg Smell



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