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13 Amazing Benefits Of Amaranth For The Skin, Hair And Body


Amarnath is a leafy crop native to South America and named by Greeks as the “immortality plant”. It is widely found in India, especially down south, and is known by the names Rajgeera or Cholai. A highly nutritious plant, it resembles the spinach but is ranked even higher in terms of mineral content as it is a storehouse of proteins, carbohydrates, iron, calcium, vitamins and manganese. The leaves are used to make soups, curries, vegetables, stews and the seeds can be used as grains for making pops, bread or pasta.

Here Are The List Of  Amazing  Benefits Of Amaranth For The Skin, Hair And Body

1. Energy And Longevity

The Greeks called it the everlasting plant. A rich source of the essential minerals are body needs for daily functioning, amaranth has high amounts of potassium, calcium, manganese, folate and vitamins which help in maintaining health and youth. The carbohydrates in these leaves supplement the body with energy.


2. Menstrual Problems

Regular consumption of the juice of amaranth leaves in quantities specified by an expert is known to rectify the problem of excessive menstruation.


3. Hair Problems

The problems related to hair and scalp are at a rise. The juice of leaves of amaranth leaves can applied to the hair after shampooing, like a conditioner and then rinsed off. Premature graying of hair and hair fall problems can be greatly benefitted by following this practice.


4. Food Items

Amaranth seeds are a kind of grain which resemble millet very closely. They can be used to make sweets, porridge or other breakfast items and can also be used in multigrain bread and chapattis.Juices, soups and stews of the leaves of amaranth are taste and add to the health quotient immensely.

 Food Items

5. Fat Content

Our bodies self-sustained in minerals and vitamins is unable to produce some essential elements like linoleic acid and lysine. These are obtained through unsaturated oils which can be supplied by amaranth. These and other amino acids are essential for the body for its need of protein.

Omega Fatty Acid

6. Calcium Deficiency

The content of calcium in amaranth leaves is even more than milk. So it is a rich source of calcium and recommended for people suffering from joint problems and bone diseases. Also, people who are lactose intolerant can easily consume this nutritious grain to manage the calcium need of the body.

calcium deficiency

7. Oral Problems

A sore throat, swollen gums, mouth ulcers and other oral problems can be treated with amaranth using traditional methods.

Sore Throat

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8. Lowers Cholesterol And Diabetes

Amaranth contains tocotrienols, a kind of vitaminE that controls and reduces the bad cholesterol of the body. It is also good for patients of type(2) diabetes as it has a peptide called lunas in which has high anti-inflammatory properties to fight a number of degenerative diseases like even cancer and cardiovascular diseases.


9. Hypertension

In addition to potassium and magnesium which is in abundance in amaranth leaves, phytochemicals are also present. These are highly beneficial in reducing hypertension levels in people.


10. Anemia

The iron content of amaranth leaves is 5 times that of wheat. Due to its high iron content people suffering from amenia can be greatly benefitted from regular consumption of amaranth leaves.


11. Gluten-free

Gluten tends to facilitate gastric complications in some people. Wheat and a lot of other grains contain gluten which might not be tolerated by those individuals. Amaranth is free of gluten making it suitable for consumption for such people.Ayurveda and homeopathy- Amaranth leaves find their place in homeopathy and ayurvedic treatments due to their powerful dietary qualities. They are used as an herbal remedy for a lot of day to day problems.


13. Skin

Amaranth leaves have squalene which are known to boost skin and hair quality. Also having anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, these leaves can be used as an astringent to cure skin allergies and infections like acne and eczema.



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