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12 Wonderful Home Remedies For Heat Bumps Between Legs

A lot of people suffer from the irritating problem of heat bumps between legs. The problem is basically a skin infection in which small rashes and bumps appear on the skin. There are a lot of reasons for the occurrence of heat bumps. Sweating, bacterial infection, improper cleaning of the skin between legs, less air contact etc. When the heat bumps appear on your skin the common symptoms are itching, swelling, inflammation, redness of the skin, pain etc. The more you itch the affected area between your legs the more worse the problem becomes. It also adds embarrassment to your life as the itching can occur at the time when you are at the middle of something important and you just cannot help but itch.

Here Are The Useful Home Remedies To Reduce Heat Bumps Between Your Legs

1. Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil contains the anti bacterial properties therefore if the heat bumps are because of infection then it will reduce them effectively. Tea tree oil also provides relief from the inflammation and itching on your skin. Apply few drops of tea tree oil after every few hours to get rid of the problem.[1]

 Tea Tree Oil

2. Coconut Oil

The inflammation of the problem can be reduced by using coconut oil. Along with the effective anti inflammatory properties coconut oil also contain anti microbial properties that reduce the infection on your skin to give you relief. Apply coconut oil daily for getting relief.[2]

Coconut Oil

3. Aloe Vera Gel

The irritation in the skin can be easily treated with the use of aloe vera gel. The skin soothing and anti septic properties of aloe vera are way effective to reduce heat bumps. It also reduces the redness and inflammation in the skin. Just remember to apply fresh gel every time to treat the problem.[3]

 Aloe Vera Gel

4. Lavender Oil

Lavender oil is also very soft on your skin and reduces the symptoms of the problem effective. It contains anti inflammatory nature that reduces the inflammation and reduces the swelling form the skin. You can apply lavender oil daily to get maximum benefits.[4]

Lavender Oil

5. Ice

Application of ice or cold water over the heat bumps also provides a great sense of relief. Ice reduces the inflammation and itching in the skin and you can get complete relief from swelling outbreak. Therefore take some ice cubes and rub on the skin between your legs to reduce heat bumps.[5]


6. Talcum Powder

Talcum powder helps in keeping your skin dry and reduces the problem of itching and inflammation very effectively. It reduces the burning sensation in the skin therefore it is advisable to apply talcum powder every morning and night to get benefits.[6]

Talcum Powder

7. Honey

When you are at home you can always use honey to reduce heat bumps. Honey reduces the inflammation along with providing relief from the skin infection. It controls the itching and cures the problem completely. Use raw honey and rinse it off using cold water to get better results.[7]


8. Cucumber

Grate a cucumber and apply the pulp on the skin between your legs. Cucumber is very cool in nature and thus reduces the burning sensation very effectively. Not only this, cucumber is also very beneficial for your skin health and reduces the itching and swelling problem to provide you relief.[8]


9. Baking Soda

Baking soda provides relief from both the problem of inflammation and skin infections. It also reduces the itching and burning sensation effectively. Mix baking soda in water and then soak a cloth in the solution. Apply this cloth your skin to get relief from the heat bumps.[9]

Baking Soda

10. Papaya

Papaya pulp is often used to reduce heat bumps. Its pulp contains useful enzymes that help in aiding the skin to repair itself along with providing relief from the itching and inflammation caused. Therefore use papaya pulp and apply on your legs skin to get relief.[10]


11. Indian Lilac

Indian lilac is a very effective home remedy to reduce heat bumps. A few drops of it can provide relief from the bacterial and fungal infection from your skin. Not only this, the Indian lilac is also useful in reducing the inflammation and burning sensations. Therefore apply some Indian lilac oil on the skin between the legs to get rid of heat bumps.[11]

Indian Lilac

12. Turmeric Powder

Turmeric  powder can be used to get complete relief from the itching and burning sensation from the skin. Make a paste of turmeric  powder and apply on your skin. Use chilled water to remove the paste and to get rid of the problem the heat bumps from the skin between the legs.[12]

 Turmeric Powder



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