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12 Ways To Preserve Your Youth And Beauty

Youth And Beauty

Watching those actresses walking on the red carpet and wishing for the perfect skin just like them in your forties and fifties? Maintaining the same soft, supple, and young skin just like you had in teenage is not an easy job in your forties and fifties. As the numbers increases, the signs of ageing and wrinkles deepen and become more visible. Revitalizing the skin is not possible with today’s chemical filled creams and lotions. Therefore, all you need is a miracle that can revoke your skin by producing the cells at the wrinkled and aged area. Only if you stick to proper diet, pay heed to what food you eat and try out few natural remedies, you can bloom the fountain of youth once again. To return back your same old glowing, and wrinkle free skin, following are mentioned 12 ways that if incorporated in daily habit can make your biggest dream come true.

Here Are Top 12 Ways To Preserve Your Youth And Beauty

Regularly Cleansing Your Body

A body preserving a pile of toxins causes damage to it and also contribute towards ageing. Detoxing with water is good but juices are considered as better option in this search as they not only detoxifies the body but also leads to energy production and toxins elimination. Therefore, squeeze lemon to one glass of water and drink daily in the early morning. You can also chew 2-3 pieces of garlic on an empty stomach daily morning for the same purpose.

lemon water


Along with age comes responsibilities, which takes away your only time when skin heads towards rejuvenation and repairing of the damaged cells i.e. sleep time. Therefore, adjust your time such that you get at least 8 hours of sleep very night.


Eat Foods Full Of Anti-Oxidants

The antioxidant property of any product prepares body against diseases and stop ageing by lowering the damaged cells. As inflammation leads towards wrinkled skin therefore antioxidants are capable of preventing that also. Some of the antioxidant foods that you can try are spinach, blueberries, pomegranates, nuts, seeds, purple grapes and organic green tea.


Your Plate Should Contain Diverse Items

When there strays free radicals in the body, the chance of damage to cells increases. Therefore, one should be served a dish having rainbow colored items like, capsicum, carrot, radish, potato, green leafy vegetables, etc. These items together shower antioxidants in your body and help it beat these radicals. Therefore, serve yourself a plate that contains all the color’s food.

Food Items

Natural Skin Care Products

Today, market is full of skin health boosting products but you should always go for the one having more of natural compounds than chemicals. To have knowledge of this, you can always check the label at the back of the product.


Drink Plenty Of Water

Do you know why doctors and your elders recommend drinking 1 liter of water every day? Yes, one reason behind this is to keep skin from dryness but other and the most important reason is maintaining it for the upcoming years. Dehydration whether less or more can disrupt your body functions and takes a toll on your skin, leaving it dull, flaky, saggy, and loose. Until now, if you were not abiding by the rule, then follow it from today.


Get Enough Vitamin C

The products containing more of vitamin C leads to fewer wrinkles on your face. Skin, if exposed to vitamin C for a long time produces collagen 8 times more than the normal skin and collagen is what renders good health to the skin.

vitamin c


There is nothing better than yoga. Always remember, whatever drawbacks you confront in your late forties and fifties, you can always overcome them if you perform yoga daily. By promoting more energy, greater flexibility, improving mood, reducing stress, and bestowing flexibility, it shows you that age is just a number.


Limit Your Sun Exposure

As sun is a vital source of vitamin D in our body therefore small amount of sunlight daily keeps the bone strong throughout your life. Make sure that in the course of bearing sunlight, you don’t damage your skin with plenty of sunlight for a longer duration.


Avoid Sugar

Did you ever notice that people eating more sugar have loose and wrinkled skin in old age? To keep your beauty and youth intact, you need more production of collagen in your skin but sugar is a compound that causes damage to collagen and makes it loose and wrinkled.


Food Having Fatty Acids

The presence of fatty acids in our body helps it to bless us with a skin that never ages and always look youthful. Therefore, foods like avocados, flax seeds, nuts, fishes, etc. must be consumed as they are very good sources of fatty acids.



Have you noticed how active those children are who never suffice with running and playing? A little bit of exercise and daily walking for a few minutes in the lawn increases oxygen circulation, nutrients and releases toxins through perspiration thus bestowing clear and firmer skin. And yes, smile is one of the best form of exercise.




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