12 Tips To Suppress Growth Of Acne

It is not always that you should wait for the things to happen & then take the precaution. Sometimes precaution is better than care. Mostly people with oily skin tend to suffer from the continuous outbreak of acne. Although it mainly is the fault of the oils in the skin & the toxins accumulated inside but it is not that you cannot manage to overcome them & save the mark after. You can rely on remedies or natural ways to suppress the growth of acne but there are few tips that can helps you do away with acne & not let it grow at all. This articles focuses on all such tips that you can practice to keep away the growth of acne. Follow & save yourself not just from the acne but also from its marks after.

Here Are 12 Tips To Suppress Growth Of Acne

1. Wash Your Face At Least Twice Daily

In such harsh pollution, bacteria & many unwanted things tend to enter our skin which in turn promote the growth of acne. Therefore, you must wash your face twice daily whether you went outside or not. This tip is not just for oily skin but also for other skin types also. To wash face, use a gentle cleanses as harsh cleanses many only strip your skin thus causing more irritation, redness & blemishes more noticeable. Also, you must evade harsh scrubbing that too continuously [1].

Wash Your Face At Least Twice Daily

2. Avoid Touching Your Face Again & Again

No matter how many times do we wash our hands, but they always carry tons of bacteria that when reaches to face, promote acnes. Therefore, avoid touching face to avoid breakouts.

Avoid Touching Your Face Again & Again

3. Try Out A Retinol Cream

Keep in mind that retinol based creams & lotions are ideal for the inhibition of both acne & wrinkles. Retinol compounds don’t have large volume of active ingredients inside that makes them more effective in working for a very long period of time to limit the development of new acne. Retinol also is vitamin A that helps to increase cell turnover, stimulate collagen, & exfoliate dead skin cells that eventually checks clogged skin pores. For its application, apply a thin layer in the evening & follow up with a moisturizer.

Try Out A Retinol Cream

4. Never Forget To Hydrate

This is one common tip that everybody knows but only a few follows. Drink plenty of water as it washes off the toxins in the body thus keeping skin acne free & moisturized also. Drink at least 1 to ½ liter of water every day especially in summer. You can incline towards watery fruits also.

stay hydrated

5. Exfoliate Your Face Once A Twice A Week

Exfoliation tend to do away with uppermost dead skin layer which is also essential for the washing away of microbes, toxins & marks. In such a case, a natural exfoliating mask would be more effective as it always comes with less side effects on normal skin. While using exfoliating mask, use a soft washcloth or glycolic acid pads in the same manner as skin toner. In case you have sensitive skin, try reach out an enzyme-based face mask instead of enzyme based mask.

Exfoliate Your Face Once A Twice A Week

6. Wash For Towels & Washcloths

What really happens is that whenever we use towels & washcloths on our face, the bacteria get transferred on them. In the event of using them again & again, the bacteria instead of getting wiped accumulate on the face thus supporting acne breakouts. Therefore, after wiping face once or twice, wash off the cloth.

Wash For Towels & Washcloths

7. Eat Healthy

In the words of layman, the inner health of the body is revealed on the face. Therefore, if you want to own a health face then make sure that you own a healthy body too. Foods such as greasy food, dairy products & sugary foods are not healthy for the body as these leads to inflammation in the skin as well as the body.

Eat Healthy

8. Don’t Wear Makeup All the Time

Wearing makeup every now & then have a tendency to clogging skin pores thus promoting towards acnes & pimples. Better if you can stick to this tips else go for non-comedogenic cosmetics. In case, foundation feels harsh to your skin, go for a natural mineral powder that even out your skin that too without triggering breakouts.

Don’t Wear Makeup All the Time

9. Acne Spot Counter Measure Is Necessary Too

There are acne-spot checking measures available in a variety of active ingredients such as lactic acid, benzoyl acid, & salicylic acid. These ingredients are effective to suppress the growth of acne as well as its marks. Go for a milder formula (check out the percentage at the back of the package) lest you haven’t used it before & apply only a very thin layer on the affected areas. Moreover, never miss the instructions given in the product.

Acne Spot Counter Measure Is Necessary Too

10. Apply Ice

In summer, when pimples head its way, use ice often. It is one of the best way to keep the skin moisturized, free from impurities thus saving it from the wrath of acne or pimples. Soothing the skin, ice removes excess of oil and also reduces swelling and redness. To apply, keep few cubes of ice inside a muslin cloth and press gently on your face at least 3-4 times a day.

Applying Ice

11. Be Careful About Your Hair Too

You might be thinking about the relation of hair with acnes. Well, many a times what we use on our hair such as fragrances, oils or gels somehow gets on the face. The active ingredients of the compound may not act friendly with the face by blocking the skin pores and irritating the skin which will eventually will result in acne breakouts. Therefore, be careful about what you use on your hair and always tie them back to avoid their coming in contact with the face.

Be Careful About Your Hair Too

12. Apply Honey

Pimples can be prevented from getting bigger and bigger, if you take proper care before. Honey makes a wonderful remedy to suppress pimples but need you not to wait for the acne to occur when you can prevent its origin. Yes, apply honey regularly on your face, not just to avoid acne but to gain other benefits from its moisturizing property. Make sure that you use natural or raw honey.

apply honey



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