12 Symptoms Of Kidney Disease That You Must Know


Kidney is very important organ in the body. Its function is to filter the blood in the body. The main function of kidney is that it should keep the blood pure and should remove hazardous or toxins minerals present in blood. The heart pumps the blood continuously to throw the flow of blood to the farthest end of the body; as such the blood should always be clean and pure. This function of cleanliness is done by kidney. If the kidney fails to work then blood will be polluted and thus unwanted minerals and toxins will be accumulated in the blood. This will cause unhealthy kidney condition and will harm the body.

To understand that kidney is functioning properly or not it depends on various symptoms of body. In past, the professional doctors use to diagnose the kidney disease by symptoms. At that time there were no pathology, microscopes and other sophisticated equipments to determine the disease. Only by the symptoms of the body, experienced doctor could understand the disease.

Main Symptoms Of Kidney Disease Are As Under

Urinary Problems

The main symptoms of kidney disease have foaming nature of urine. The urine turns into pale, grape color. The frequency of urination is more and urine discharge amount is much less.


Feeling Of Fatigue

The patient suffering from kidney disease feels very tired without doing any physical labor. They want to sleep frequently. The kidney which functions properly makes the blood pure by the help of erythropoietin EPO. This fluid EPO is responsible to carry oxygen in blood cells which gives energy to body. If energy is not generated brain becomes fatigue or body muscles will not get energy as such the patient will feel fatigueless which is also called anermic.


Loss Of Appetite

When kidney is not functioning properly then toxins are building up. This causes loss of appetite and unexpected weight loss is also seen. This is common symptom.


Muscle Cramping

When the level of calcium is low and phosphorus is controlled poorly, this may cause muscle cramping in body. This electrolyte imbalance is the results from kidney function which is impaired.


Itchy And Dry Skin

Another symptom of kidney disease is the skin becomes excessively dry and itchy skin. The color of the skin turns pale.

 Dry Skin

High Blood Pressure

Kidney helps in maintaining blood pressure of the body but when it fails to function properly then patient suffers from high blood pressure.

Blood pressure

Erectile Dysfunction

People suffering from chronic kidney disease suffer from blood circulation which flows in the farthest end of the body and affects nerve function, energy level and hormones, which leads to erectile dysfunction.


Shortness Of Breath

Shortness of breath is another common symptom of kidney disease. This happens when fluid is build up in lungs. This is often mistaken from asthma or other heart diseases.


Concentration Problem

Another symptom is trouble in thinking properly and patient may have problem in concentration. There is also frequent headache which is quite common.



Nausea is a common symptom. Patient suffering from kidney disease may have urge to vomit very often. They may have bad breath of urine in their mouth.



One of the common symptoms of kidney disease is insomnia. When kidney is not filtering the blood properly then toxins remains in the blood. This leads to difficulty in sleep because patients want to go to toilet frequently.



When kidney fails to work, body is swelled. Different parts of body are affected, such as face, legs and ankles. This is caused by water retention.



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