12 Simple Ways To Prevent Lung Disease

Simple Ways To Prevent Lung Disease

By taking good care of your lungs, you can keep your lungs strong and healthy and prevent lung diseases. Keeping lungs healthy is crucial for our health because lungs perform vital function of supplying oxygen to our blood and also work to expel carbon dioxide out of our body. But lungs are perhaps the most neglected organ of our body. The lungs are different from other organs because the delicate tissues of the lungs get affected by the outside environment. Various particles present in the air like germs, tobacco, smoke and other harmful substances can enter your lungs and decrease their ability to function by causing damage to the airways. Actually lungs do not cause trouble, unless you get them into trouble because our body has natural defense system which protects the lungs from germs and dust particles and forces then to expel from the lungs in the form of mucus. Protecting your lungs from these pollutants can help you keep your lungs healthy and strong and prevent the risk of lung disease, which is the fourth-leading cause of death. Here are 12 simple ways to keep your lungs healthy and strong.

12 Simple Ways To Prevent Lung Disease


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