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12 Quick And Simple Home Remedies For Earaches


Earaches can be extremely painful and annoying. Other than ear infection, in most cases, earache occurs due to build up of fluid in the middle ear. There can be various reasons for this, like common cold, blockage in the nasal passage due to allergies or cold, congestion in the upper respiratory tract, physical damage to the ear, wax in the ear, loud sound, and atmospheric pressure like in airplanes, while scuba diving or during elevator rides. Small children are the worst sufferers of earache in comparison to adults. A simple earache can be treated at home using easily available home remedies. These home remedies have been used for centuries to get relief from earache. But if the earache persists, consult a medical practitioner since an untreated ear infection can even lead to hearing loss.

12 Quick And Simple Home Remedies For Earaches


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