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12 Home Remedies For Eye Stye


Eye stye is an infection caused by bacteria. It is a painful lump present in the eyelids or under them. The main cause of sty is Meibomian gland infection. However there are other reasons as well such as dehydration, improper cosmetic usage, touching eyes with dirty hands etc. below are some home remedies which can be helpful to reduce the painful sty.

Some Of The Effective Home Remedies For Eye Stye Are As Follows


Potato provides immediate relief from eye sty. Place a slice of potato on the affected area or you can prepare potato paste. Add potato slices in water and grind them to form a smooth paste. Put the paste in a clean cloth and apply it in the infected area. Also you can grate potato and apply it on the sty for quick relief.


Egg White

Separate the yolk from a raw egg and collect the egg white. Put the egg white on a clean cloth and apply it in the affected area. Leave it for 10-15 minutes. Repeat this method at least 3 times a day for relief. Also you can use hard- boiled egg in the infected eye.

Egg White


Slice a tomato and apply it in the infected eye. It prevents irritation and provides cooling effect to the eyes. Also you can grate a tomato. Soak a cotton ball in tomato juice and apply it on the sty. Leave it on for 15 minutes to reduce irritation.



Garlic helps to cure infection and reduces eye sty. Crush 4-5 cloves of garlic and extract the juice from it. Apply it in the infected area carefully to prevent the juice from entering the eyes as it causes burning sensation in the eyes. Let it dry and then wipe it off with lukewarm water.



Turmeric is well known for its antiseptic property. Boil water in a container. Add pinch of turmeric to it and stir well. Now strain the liquid. This can be used as eye drop. Put 2-3 drops of turmeric water in the yes twice a day. It prevents infection from spreading and cleanses the eyes. You can also drink milk with turmeric powder to prevent infection.


Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera provides cooling effect to the eyes. Cut a slice of fresh Aloe Vera leaf and extract the pulp. Apply the pulp directly in the infected part. Leave it for half an hour and wipe it off with normal water. Repeat this process twice in a day to reduce infection. It reduces irritation and has soothing effect on the eyes.

Aloe Vera

Tea Bags

Soak tea bags in warm water for 2-3 minutes. Apply it directly on the sty as it is helpful in reducing the infection. Leave it for 15 minutes in reducing the infection. It contains tannic acid which helps to reduce the sty. You can follow this home remedy at least 4 times.

tea bags

Mint Leaves

Take 10-12 fresh leaves. Crush them properly to extract the juice from it. Apply this juice on the sty and leave it for 5 minutes. Wash it off with lukewarm water. You can also boil some fresh mint leaves with water for 10-15 minutes. Strain the liquid and store it in a bottle. Refrigerate it until chilled. Now apply the chilled liquid on the sty for immediate relief. It also reduces inflammation and irritation.


Castor Oil

Castor oil is well known for curing skin problems. Warm castor oil in a container for thinner consistency as castor oil is a very thick oil. Put 2-3 drops of castor oil in a cotton ball and place it on the sty. Repeat this process 2-3 times in a day. The heat of castor oil opens up the pores and pus comes out. Wipe it off with cotton ball.

castor oil

Bread And Milk

Take a slice of bread. Soak it in warm milk and immediately apply it on the sty. This helps the pus to come out. Wipe it with a cotton ball and apply some ointment for immediate relief.



Onion slices can cause burning sensation. However it accelerates the healing process. Place an onion slice on the sty. You can also grate some onions and extract the juice from it. Apply it on the eye to keep it hydrated as well as remove dust particles which causes eye infection.

Onion Juice

Warm Water Therapy

This method reduces inflammation. Boil water in a container. Soak a towel in the hot water and apply it on the sty. The heat will break the sty and pus comes out naturally. Wipe the pus and apply ointment for faster relief.



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