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12 Home Remedies For Cramps And Stomach Pain Relief

Stomach Pain Relief

Stomach pain and cramps cause a lot of distress and discomfort. It can be due to gas, constipation, infection or any other cause. Other causes for this problem are overeating, gallstones, heartburn, appendicitis, and hernia. Stomach pain causes a feeling of desperateness in which there is an inability to concentrate in normal activities of life. Home remedies can give relief in stomach pain. We will give some tips for this.

Following Are The 12 Home Remedies For Cramps And Stomach Pain Relief:

1. Use Hot Water Bottle:

Heat therapy reduces the stomach pain. For this, cover a hot water bottle with fabric or a thin towel. Apply on the stomach while lying down. This will help in reducing stomach pain by relaxing the knots and tight muscles in the stomach. [1]

Use Hot Water Bottle

2. Use Hot Poultice Of Linseed:

Make a hot poultice for reducing stomach cramps. Mix linseed with chamomile oil and make a hot poultice with it. Apply the poultice on the stomach for getting relief from cramps and pain. [2]

Use Hot Poultice Of Linseed

3. Use Peppermint And Chamomile Tea:

Peppermint is useful for reducing stomach pain. Drink peppermint tea thrice a day till the stomach pain lessens. Taking one capsule of peppermint oil twice a day between the meals helps in giving relief in stomach cramps. Besides this, you can also drink chamomile tea. Pregnant women should avoid peppermint, as it is harmful to them. [3]

Use Peppermint And Chamomile Tea

4. Take Chicken Soup:

Taking hot soup is useful for stomach pain relief. Drink chicken soup for cleansing the intestine. The soup is bland and it reduces the stomach pain and cramps very effectively. [4]

Chicken Soup

5. Do Massage With Geranium Or Lavender Oil:

If there is stomach pain due to diarrhea and irritable bowel syndrome, use geranium and lavender essential oils for getting relief. Apply the oil on the stomach and do a gentle massage with the fingers. [5]

Do Massage With Geranium Or Lavender Oil

6. Use Warm Ginger Ale:

Ginger has the property to neutralize stomach acid, one of the causes of stomach pain. Drink ginger ale for stomach pain and cramps relief. Take the ale in small sips. Take warm ginger ale. [6]

Use Warm Ginger Ale

7. Use Fennel Seeds:

If there is stomach pain along with gas and indigestion, fennel can help in giving relief in this problem. Chew fennel seeds and eat them for reducing stomach pain and cramps. It also gives relief in menstrual pain in the stomach. Fennel has antispasmodic properties that help in reducing cramps. Steep fennel seeds in hot water for five minutes, add honey and consume after straining it. [7]

Fennel Seeds


8. Use Asafoetida:

Use the spice asafoetida for reducing stomach pain and cramps. It has antispasmodic properties that reduce stomach spasms. Also, the spice has anti-flatulent properties which reduce stomach pain. Add asafoetida to warm water, add little rock salt and consume the drink. Do this twice daily. It will also give relief in abdominal distension due to stomach problems. [8]


9. Use Aloe Vera:

Aloe Vera is useful for stomach pain due to digestive problems like irritable bowel syndrome. It helps in controlling the pH levels in the stomach and reducing acidity. Take one to three tablespoon aloe vera in the form of juice every day till you get relief from stomach pain. [9]

Aloe Vera

10. Use Baking Soda:

If there is stomach ache due to indigestion, use baking soda to solve the problem. For this, mix baking soda and honey in warm water and mix. Add lemon juice and consume the drink. It will give instant relief in indigestion and stomach pain. [10]

Use Baking Soda

11. Use Apple Cider Vinegar:

The problem of stomach pain caused by indigestion on eating heavy meals can be solved by using apple cider vinegar. Before you take a heavy meal, consume a drink made by mixing the apple cider vinegar in water. [11]

Apple Cider Vinegar

12. Use Caraway Seeds:

Use caraway seeds to get relief from stomach pain. Eating the seeds helps in reducing digestive problems like heartburn, bloating and gas. The caraway seeds reduce gas and stomach ache. [12]

Caraway Seeds



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