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11 Top Amazing Medicinal And Health Benefits Of Lemongrass Oil


Lemongrass is basically a herbal plant. The leaf portion of this plant is used in various purposes. Lemongrass has a great use in the dishes of different cuisines. But apart from the culinary use the herb is well known for its amazing herbal properties.Oil is extracted from the plant it is known as lemon grass oil which is a very popular essential oil. Thisessential oil holds numerous medicinal properties and used as a medicine for some purposes. The oil is lightly tinted which is the natural color of it. It has great aroma too which soothes and calms your mind.

The Amazing Medicinal And Health Benefits Of Lemongrass Oil Are

Antioxidant Properties Of Lemongrass Oil

Lemon grass oil is known for its antioxidant properties. Anti oxidants are effective in slowing or stopping the aging process of your body and also helps in reducing age signs in your body especially in skin. You may use it in your smoothies or shakes to get the benefits. A direct application with carrier oil on your skin gives you a visible result in few weeks.


Reduces Flatulence In Human Body

Lemon grass oil is highly effective in reducing flatulence in human body. This herbal oil is more beneficial than any chemical medicine. Try it and see the difference.


Improves Skin

Lemongrass oil is a good choice for your skin too as it improves your skin and removes mild skin problems due to pollution. Regular application makes your skin soft and beautiful.


Increases The Immunity Power Of Your Body

Lemongrass oil effectively boosts the immune system of your body and prevents common infectious diseases. Use 1-2 drops in your dishes for great aroma and to get the medicinal benefit of this oil.


Calms Your Nerves Giving You Soothing Effect

Now a day all of us are a part of very fast life. Stress and anxiety became the problem of every body due to our work pressure. As a result all the time our nerves got stressed and we are tired most of the time. A proper massage with this essential oil will give you the solution. Basically this oil calms your nervous system and gives you a very soothing effect. The essence of Lemon grass oil freshen ups your mind and thus you can relax easily.


Lowers Your Blood Pressure

As this oil helps in relaxation and stress removing it effectively reduces your blood pressure. So, just forget the tablets of lowering your blood pressure. Try this effective herbal remedy to reduce your BP.

Blood pressure

Anti-fungal And Antimicrobial Properties Of Lemongrass Oil

Lemon grass oil is known for its Anti-fungal and Antimicrobial properties from ancient times. Use this oil to prevent the fungus problems. The medicinal property of this herb is used for


Improves Blood Circulation

Lemongrass oil is well known for its massaging property. A regular massage with this essential oil improves blood circulation in your whole body. A well blood circulated skin will result in glowing skin.

Blood Circulation

Tones Your Muscles And Tissues

Regular massage with this essential oil in your whole body gently tones up your muscles and tissues in your body. Lemon grass oil is highly effective in reducing fatigue and tension of the tissues.

Tone body Muscles

Great Toxin Remover

Lemongrass oil holds a great medicinal property which removes toxins from our body. Toxin generally produced during the metabolism and various physiological process of our body. Toxins are harmful for our body and thus needs removal. This effective essential oil removes toxin from your body naturally without any side effect.


Removes Cellulite From Your Body

Are you worried with the cellulites stored in your body? Want to remove them naturally?Effective massage with Lemongrass oil helps in reducing cellulite from your body.



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