11 Natural Antihistamines For Allergy Relief

Allergy Relief

Seasonal allergy is a common problem in which there are symptoms of cold like sneezing and nose congestion. The person has an itching in the eyes along with sinus problems. Allergy is also common in people who have hay fever, asthma and other problems like allergic rhinitis. The condition can become unbearable causing a lot of distress and suffering. Apart from antihistamine medicines, natural remedies are also helpful for people who don’t want to take medicines. There are many natural antihistamines for reducing allergy problems. We will suggest some natural antihistamines for you.

Following Are The Top 11 Natural Antihistamines For Allergy Relief:

1. Quercetin:

Quercetin is a natural antihistamine that helps in giving relief in allergy. It is present in foods like spinach, oranges, lettuce and tomatoes. Quercetin also acts as an antioxidant in spinach. Thus, eat spinach, oranges, lettuce and tomatoes. Drink orange juice. You can also drink green tea to get quercetin. [1]


2. Bromelain:

Bromelain is a useful enzyme present in pineapple that helps in absorbing the antihistamine quercetin found in many foods as mentioned above. The effectiveness of quercetin can be increased by taking it along with bromelain. Thus, eat pineapple to get natural bromelain for antihistamine effect for allergy relief. [2]


3. Stinging Nettle:

Stinging Nettle has antihistamine properties. It helps in lowering the levels of allergy causing histamines in the body. Thus, use the stinging nettle leaf in the form of a herb. [3]

Stinging Nettle

4. Vitamin C:

Vitamin C is a natural antihistamine for allergy relief that does not cause any side effects. It reduces allergy in asthma and other types of allergic diseases. The vitamin also has antioxidant properties for making the lungs strong for a better respiratory function. For allergy relief, you can take one gram Vitamin C daily for three days. It will help in normalising the blood histamine levels. [4]

Vitamin C


5. Chamomile:

Chamomile herb has antihistamine properties and it is a natural alternative to antihistamine medicines. Use the herb transdermally externally on the skin for getting relief from itching and skin allergy due to insect bites. However, avoid using chamomile for ragweed allergy. [5]


6. Soy Foods:

Genistein is a natural flavonoid with antihistamine properties that helps in reducing symptoms of allergy. The flavonoid is present in soy foods. Thus, it is possible to get relief from allergy by eating genistein-rich soy foods. [6]

Soy Foods

7. Butterbur:

Butterbur weed has an ingredient called Zyrtec that has an effect similar to the allergy medicine cetirizine. It has antihistamine properties and helps in reducing allergy without causing drowsiness in the patient. Thus, use butterbur for a natural allergy relief. [7]


8. Berries:

Berries are natural sources of antihistamines that help in fighting allergies. For allergy relief, berries like blueberries, blackberries as well as bilberries are very useful. Besides this, it is beneficial to take dark cherries. Include these berries in your diet for getting natural antihistamines. [8]


9. Parsley:

Parsley helps in stopping the production of allergy causing histamines in the body in a natural way. Using parsley helps in getting relief from hives and allergy due to hay fever. Thus, include parsley in your diet as a natural allergy remedy. [9]


10. Eyebright:

The herb eyebright has natural antihistamine properties for giving allergy relief. It helps in fighting congestion caused by an allergy. The herb is useful for dealing with allergy due to hay fever. It is useful for allergic conjunctivitis problem. Thus, use eyebright as a natural allergy remedy. [10]



11. Wild Oregano:

Wild Oregano herb is a natural antihistamine for allergy problems. It contains 7 antihistamine ingredients so it can be considered as a very effective allergy remedy. Use wild oregano if you suffer from allergy. [11]

Wild Oregano



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