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11 Most Effective Home Remedies For Angular Cheilitis


The problem of angular cheilitis makes the lips dry and sore. The problem is quite common in the people having dry lips. The problem is very embarrassing and painful and the affected person feels a lot of pain at the time of smiling. The obvious causes due to which angular cheilitis occurs are dry lips, allergies, bacterial infection, lack of nutrition, anemia, dermatitis, improper skin care etc. The painful symptoms of angular cheilitis are inflammation, sore lips, cuts, bleeding, blisters, swelling, pain, lesions etc. The problem adds a lot of discomfort in your life and it is better to be treated with time.

Here Are The Remedies That One Can Use To Cure The Problem Of Angular Cheilitis Effectively

Cocoa Butter

Cocoa butter is very good for the health of the skin and lips. The natural content of cocoa butter helps in moisturizing the lips and the application of cocoa butters keeps the lips hydrated for longer times which in turn prevent dry and chapped lips. You should apply cocoa butter many times in a day to get the benefits.

Cocoa Butter

Petroleum Jelly

Petroleum jelly is mostly used to treat a number of problems related to lips. The moisturizing properties of petroleum jelly prevent the lips from dryness and regular application of petroleum jelly prevents symptoms like inflamed and sore lips very effectively. Always carry a pack of petroleum jelly with yourself if you are suffering from angular cheilitis.



Honey contains useful anti microbial properties that help in treating the infection in the lips. Not only this, it also has useful anti inflammatory properties that reduce the inflammation, pain and swelling in the lips. Therefore you should apply fresh honey on the corner of the lips to get relief from angular cheilitis problems.


Aloe Vera Gel

Apply aloe vera gel on the corner of your lips. The rich properties of aloe vera helps in reducing the pain and inflammation. Not only this, aloe vera also treats infection and treats bleeding and sore lips as well to provide you complete relief. Apply the gel 4 to 6 times daily for getting relief.

Aloe Vera Gel


Milk is a very effective moisturizer and you can use it to treat the symptoms of angular cheilitis. Apply some raw milk with cotton on the lips and let it dry. The natural properties of the milk would increase the hydration in the lips to prevent the problem of dryness and inflammation very effectively. Repeat this every day for treating the painful condition completely.


Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is very useful for the skin health. The presence of hydrating and moisturizing properties in coconut oil helps in treating the dryness in the lips. Not only this, it also reduces the soreness, inflammation, swelling, cuts in the lips to provide complete relief. Apply coconut oil on the lips many times for getting relief.

Coconut Oil

Baking Soda

The main reason that causes the problem is the bacterial infection and therefore in order to treat the infection you should baking soda. It helps in reducing the problem of inflammation and pain as well. Apply the paste gently on your lips and repeat it every day for complete relief.

Baking Soda


Since the problem is caused due to dryness of the lips and dehydration is one of the main reasons that cause dryness in the body. Therefore it is very important to keep a check on the daily water consumption and if you are consuming less than 3 litres of water in a day then you should increase the water consumption to prevent the dryness and hence angular cheilitis problem effectively.


Lavender Oil

The effect of lavender oil on the skin is very gently. One can use the oil without the tension of burning sensation. Take some oil and apply over the lips gently. Repeat it every day to get relief from the inflammation, pain and the soreness caused to angular cheilitis.

Lavender oil


Lemon juice can be used as it is helpful in providing relief from the bacterial infection. Moreover it can also reduce the soreness from the lips to provide your relief however it is important to know that the use of lemon can cause a slight burning sensation and therefore it is advised to dilute the lemon juice before applying it on your lips.


Sugar Scrub

You can also use a sugar scrub to treat the problem of angular cheilitis. Mix some sugar and water and scrub gently on the lips. This remedy helps in treating the dryness and also reduces the problem of irritation very effectively. Use this 3 to 5 times in a week to get relief from angular cheilitis.



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