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11 Home Remedies For Eye Floaters


When you see a thread like specks in your vision, you won’t able to view the object fully. This is called eye floaters. Eye floaters affect you irrespective of age, due to vitreous in your eye get widens or slimmer. There are several remedies to treat the eye floaters in English medicine. There are also effective home remedies in Ayurveda to cure the disease. If you get flashlight signals with eye floaters, you are required to meet the eye specialist. Diabetic patients are prone to get this disease. With natural remedies, herbs and exercises you can get rid of this eye floaters. Natural treatments are very effective without any side effects.

Eleven Effective Home Remedies For Treating Eye Floaters

1. Hemp Oil

Hemp oil is one of the effective home remedies to treat eye floaters in your eye. Because hemp oil contains omega-3 fatty acids, which fight the growth of eye floaters and ward of eye diseases like retina. If you have Alpha Linolenic acid (LNA) deficiency, then you will get eye impairment. With the presence of omega-3 fatty acids in hemp oil you can easily treat the issue.

hemp oil

2. Fish

Fish is rich in vitamins and protein. Due to protein shortage an eye floaters affects you. To treat the eye floaters take fish oil or fish daily. Fish also contains omega-3 fatty acids, which refresh your eyes and maintain the health of eyes in good condition. So, take fish two or three times in your meals.


3. Meat

Meat is an effective remedy to treat eye floaters. Because meat like foods carry rich proteins. They contain an element called Taurine, an amino acid that controls the working of the retina, pave way of removal of the eye floaters from your eye. Taurine also helps in clearing of debris from your eye and clear of any foreign particles. So, add protein rich foods to your diet.


4. Eye Exercises

You have to do regular eye exercises to get rid of eye floaters. Do this simple exercise, take an object in your hand and move the object to left, right, top and bottom. Move your eyeballs on the along the path resulting in increase blood circulation to your eyes. This exercise will improve your concentration and illustration. While doing this exercise regularly you will get above benefits and can easily remove eye floaters. You can do this exercise without an object.


5. Give A Massage To Your Eyes

Take a clean cloth, soak it in warm water and put the cloth with your eyes closed. Do this method of giving a gentle massage to the outer cover of the eye and this will reduce pain in your eyes and prevent eye floaters.


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6. Yoga

When you put more stress on the eye, resulting in floaters in your eyes. To prevent this disease expert suggest doing yoga. So, meet a yoga trainer first and get yoga training. By doing yoga regularly your mind and body get relaxation, resulting in improvement in vision and removal of eye floaters.


7. Take Plenty Of Water

When toxins accumulated in your body, you will get eye floater. Drinking water is the simple and effective home remedy to remove toxins from your body. So, drink plenty of water to remove toxins which in turn reduce the chance of getting eye floaters.


8. Diet Changes

To beat eye related defects you should make some dietary changes. Add to your plate antioxidants and vitamins rich vegetables and fruits. To retain hydration in your eyes, hydrochloric acid, nutrients rich foods and MSM eye drops are best.

Raw Fruits & Vegetables

9. Take Organic Supplements

Consuming of organic supplements helps in averting the danger of eye floaters and eye defects. You can drink juice made from organic fruits and vegetables to improve your vision. Add to your plate the following; parsnip, thyme, apples, celery, raspberries, carrots and beets avoid from getting eye floaters.


10. Gave Up Alcohol, Coffee And Quit Smoking

Alcohol and caffeine are not good for your eye. If you drink coffee and alcohol more, please give up the habit slowly. When you gave up the habit the chances of better vision are high. According to many they smoke only get relief from stress. But this is not true. What happens is exactly opposite. The inhaling of smoke in your body if affects all parts. So, quit smoking in the larger interest of your health to see the best things in the world.


11. Lysine And Gingko Herbs

Gingko and Lysine are two herbs that remove eye floaters from your eye. They also help in improved blood supply and its control in moving to blood vessels in the eye. It means an increase in blood levels that removes eye rubbles and eye floaters.




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