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11 Great Ways To Get Rid Of Under The Skin Pimples


Great Ways To Get Rid Of Under The Skin Pimples

Under the skin pimples are unseen enemies of your skin as they do not appear on the epidermal layer, but are embedded deep inside the skin, closer to the nerves. These cysts or blind pimples are tougher to treat and much more painful as they do not develop a head, and can take up to months to heal. Here are some simple measures that will help in reducing the inflammation of these pimples or help in developing a head on the skin so that the dirt in the clogged pores can be cleaned.

The Remedies For Under The Skin Pimples Are

1. Tea Bags

Warm tea bags and place it on the area of the swelling. The tannins in the tea help in reducing the inflammation and swelling, especially in black tea. This compress should be left for a few minutes to allow it to penetrate deep within the skin and act on the pimples.

Tea Bags

2. Warm And Cold Compress

Apply heat and cold alternatively to a blind pimple. Take a cloth and dip it in warm water and leave it on the swollen area. Then take a compress of chilled water and apply it on the same area. Repeat several times a day to help a pimple in appearing on the surface. The alternate heat and chill also accelerate the drying of a pimple and expelling the mucus out of the pores.

Warm Compress

3. Tea Tree Oil

This essential oil has antimicrobial properties that prevent infections and act as an antiseptic to avoid them from spreading or recurring. Mix 1 part of this oil in 9 parts of water and apply this solution with a cotton ball on the affected area. Leave it for 10 minutes and wash off and moisturize. Repeat 2-3 times a day. The bacteria causing the pimple will be killed and the pimple will eventually subside.

Tea tree oil

4. Epsom Salt

Dissolve Epsom salt in warm water and cool it. Apply this solution on the pimple and leave for a while to dry. Repeat this a number of times in the day till the head of a pimple emerges out.

Epsom Salt

5. Lemon Juice

The astringent properties of lemon helps in drying up the pimples. The citric acid works as a cleanser and cleans from deep beneath the layers of the skin. Extract the juice of a lemon and apply it on the pimple and leave it to dry for about 15-20 minutes. This can be done 2-3 times in a day. We can add rosewater to lemon juice as it is gentle and refreshing on the skin.


6. Honey

Honey has anti bacterial qualities that help in healing the cysts. Take a cotton ball dabbed in pure honey and apply it to a pimple. Leave for 15-20 minutes and repeat 2-3 times a day. Blend some apple and mix 2 tbsp of mashed apple with 1 tbsp of honey and apply on the affected area. Leave for about 10 minutes and wash off. This speeds up the process of drying up the pimple.


7. Aloe Vera

This plant has multiple skin uses. Apply the sap of an aloe leaf on the pimple and leave to dry. Repeat this multiple times in the day. The aloe gel eradicates the bacterial growth from within the surface of the skin and helps the cysts in forming an opening on the skin. The anti bacterial nature of aloe vera prevents the infection from spreading further.

Aloe Vera

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8. Apple Cider Vinegar

The application of apple cider vinegar not only stimulates the blood circulation but also acts as an antiseptic. Apply diluted apple cider vinegar on the swollen areas, several times a day to reduce inflammation. We can also drink this vinegar dissolved in warm water to increase the blood flow to the pimple areas.

Apple Cider Vinegar

9. Alcohol

Applying alcohol on the cysts can reduce the pain, swelling, and inflammation. The anti-microbial properties of the alcohol prevent the spreading of infections to the other parts and helps in opening clogged pores. Dab some alcohol over the affected area and see the size of a pimple reduce effectively.


10. Hot Poultice

Take 1/2 tbsp of equal amounts of onion, garlic and ginger each and crush them well. Mix all and apply to a pimple and cover with a bandage. Leave overnight and see a pimple disappear by next morning. This magical remedy definitely works, subject to the skin not being sensitive to any of the items used.


11. Toothpaste

This age-old trick never fails. Apply a white toothpaste on the swelling of a pimple and leave it for 2-3 hours or overnight. The fluoride in the toothpaste dries up the pimples and hence it diminishes considerably to reduce the swelling and pain.




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