11 Great Reasons Of Eating Avocado Seeds


The seeds of Avocado constitute 18% of the fruit and is also the most nutritious part of it.Though mostly discarded, the seeds of Avocado contain phenolic antioxidants that protect the heart, control blood sugar, increase immunity and reduce inflammation in the body. The seeds are extracted from the fruit, dried and pounded to a powder and stored. They can be sprinkled on foods and used in soups or teas to get the nutrition the seeds can provide.

The Various Benefits Of Eating The Seeds Of Avocado Are

Reduces Inflammation 

The antioxidants catechins and procyanidins that are present in avocado seeds can help in reducing the inflammation caused by infections and bacterial attack on the body. It controls the growth and spread of chronic diseases like arthritis, stroke, and even cancers.


Eases Joint Problems

Since the intake of seeds reduces inflammation in the body, swelling, stiffness and joint problems can be treated. The blood circulation of the body is improved and eases the troubles associated with arthritis and other joint diseases.

Joint Pain

Helps In Digestion

The fiber and antioxidants in avocado seeds help in improving the digestive health of the body.They promote the growth of healthy bacteria in the gut which helps in keeping the stomach and colon healthy, reduces germ attack and helps them in functioning to its prime. Problems of diarrhea and dysentery are known to be treated with the use of avocado seeds.


Gastric Ulcers

The use of avocado seeds in food can reduce the instance of gastrointestinal ulcers. Due to its antiviral and antibacterial properties, the swelling in the gut is reduced and the ulcers are soothed with the use of avocado seeds.


Fights Cancer 

The flavonols present in avocado seeds can combat the growth of tumors that can lead to cancers. Also, patients suffering from leukemia are advised to take avocado seeds as it causes the leukemia cells to destruct itself and hence retard cancer spreading.


Reduces Fat

Avocado seeds are full of fiber which can keep the stomach full for a long period of time. Hence the urge to eat frequently reduces, and also, it controls blood sugar levels which help in decreasing appetite and keeps the weight under control.


Good For Skin And Hair

Avocado seeds intake facilitate the building of collagen, and helps in the repair and regeneration of cells to keep the skin fresh and radiant. The hair follicles also become stronger and the mane appears shiny and glossy.


Heart Health 

Avocado seeds are good for he heart health.They help in lowering cholesterol, improve blood circulation and make the walls of the arteries and veins stronger. It hence reduces the chance of a stroke and other cardiovascular diseases. The potassium present in avocado also contributes to better heart health.



Patients of asthma are greatly benefitted with the intake of tea made from powdered avocado seeds and reduces the swelling in the airways.


Diabetes Control 

The seeds of avocado are known to reduce the blood glucose levels and control the level of sugar in the body which also help in maintaining optimum weight.



The avocado fruit is also known to maintain longevity and good health. The fines lines and wrinkles that are signs of old age can be greatly reduced with the avocado seeds and old age problems like stiff and painful joints can all be treated with the use of avocado seeds.




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