11 Biggest Myths About Flu

11 Biggest Myths About Flu

The time between the months of October and February is the time when most people suffer from flu. The risk of the disease increases during this time. Flu is a disease that is caused by viral infection. The affected person can have health problems due to this. Severe health problems can occur if the condition becomes serious. It is important to know more about flu. Most people don’t have complete information about this health problem. Many myths are spread about the disease. Knowing about these myths will help you in finding the reality of flu and its effect. Following are the 11 biggest myths about flu.

11 Biggest Myths About Flu:

Cold And Flu Are Same

Many of us think that cold and flu are the same conditions with similar symptoms and common treatment methods. This is a wrong thought. Cold causes sneezing, cough and throat pain. There is problem of congested nose. On the other hand, flu has severe symptoms of fever and headache. The patient suffers from muscle pain. The fact is that the two conditions have different symptoms.

Cold And Flu Are Same

Cured By Hand Washing

Doctors usually recommend frequent washing of hands for preventing diseases and improving health. It is a myth that this will prevent flu. You can get the flu infection through air, skin and clothes. Washing hands will not help in preventing flu virus in such conditions.

Hand Washing

Cured By Taking Vitamin C

We all know that Vitamin C is a nutrient that protects us from cold. This makes some people believe that taking Vitamin C during an attack of flu will help in treating the disease. This is not true. Although the nutrient is good for health, it cannot treat flu without taking proper medical treatment for the disease. Just taking Vitamin C will not help.

Vitamin C

Flu Shot Hurts

People who want to get the flu vaccine think that taking the shot will hurt and cause pain. Due to this, they avoid taking the vaccine on an annual basis. This is incorrect information. The needle with which flu vaccine is given is very thin and it causes very little pain that is usually in the tolerable range. The flu shot will not pain you. There is an open option of getting the flu vaccine through nasal spray for people who are scared of vaccines.

Flu Shot Hurts

Healthy People Are Protected

It is a myth that flu shot is not useful for healthy people. It is often that believed that only those who are at a risk of getting this disease should get the shot. The fact is that the flu shot is useful for all even for healthy people who are at low risk. Flu can affect anyone and vaccination helps in preventing the problem from occurring and spreading.

 system healthy

No Need For Annual Vaccine

People who have already taken a flu vaccine don’t feel the need to take another vaccine dose the next year. They think one vaccine will protect them from flu for a long time. This is a false belief. The fact is that you need to take the vaccine every year. A single vaccine will protect you for only one year.

No Need For Annual Vaccine

Won’t Cause Serious Harm

The general perception about flu is that it is a common disease that won’t cause any serious harm. Many believe that it is not dangerous and it can’t be fatal. The reality is that flu is very dangerous. It is the major cause of deaths all over the world.

Antibiotics Will Cure It

It is a common misconception in people’s mind that taking antibiotics will help in treating the problem of flu. The fact is that flu is a viral infection and antibiotics are meant for treating bacterial infections. Thus, the reality is that taking antibiotics will not help in flu.

Antibiotics Will Cure It

Lozenges Will Cure It

Zinc present in some throat lozenges is known to cure symptoms of flu like throat pain. This makes us think that taking the throat lozenges will treat flu completely and we will be cured of the disease. Although you may get some relief in throat pain by taking lozenges, it will not help in curing the viral infection caused by flu. Therefore, don’t depend on only throat lozenges for a complete cure.

Sore Throat

Only Elderly Die

In most cases, the elderly people die due to flu. This gives birth to the common misconception that flu affects only the elderly people. The fact is that even young people and children can become a target of flu virus. Death due to flu can occur in young age also.

Not Safe During Pregnancy

Most women believe that the flu shot is not safe and necessary during pregnancy. This is a false belief. In fact, the flu vaccine prevents health problems due to flu in unborn child and newborn baby. The antibodies present in the vaccine reach the baby’s body through breastfed milk after birth.

Healthy Pregnancy


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