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11 Amazing Home Remedies For Lactose Intolerance

Milk is the most popular and universally used food that is known for its role in improving our health and making our body strong. It is necessary for the babies, children, and adults to take milk in order to get calcium and other nutrients present in it. Besides milk, we take other dairy foods made from milk like yogurt and cheese.

However, milk is not suitable for some people who have a problem of lactose intolerance. Milk and dairy foods contain a sugar form called lactose that is absorbed by our body. If there is any type of allergy and an adverse reaction of the body to proteins present in dairy foods, the condition is termed as lactose intolerance. There are many home remedies to fight and deal with this problem. We will give some tips for this. Following are the 11 amazing homemade remedies for lactose intolerance.

1. Use Soymilk And Soy Cheese:

Do not take milk if you have a problem of lactose intolerance. Instead of that, you can take soymilk. Also, cut out the dairy cheese from your diet. You can take soy cheese instead of that.[1]

Use Soymilk And Soy Cheese

2. Eat Yogurt:

Eating yogurt is a good option for fighting lactose intolerance. It contains live cultures of bacteria that help in digesting lactase of yogurt that fights the allergy to dairy foods. Yogurt helps in digesting the food you eat. Choose plain homemade yogurt.[2]

Eat Yogurt

3. Take Foods With Calcium:

Foods that contain calcium help in fighting lactose intolerance. Include such foods in your diet. Eat apricots, dried figs, kale, rhubarb and collard gerents. Non-vegetarian people can eat salmon and sardines.[3]

Take Foods With Calcium

4. Drink Ginger Tea:

Ginger helps in fighting lactose intolerance problem. For this, you need to drink ginger tea. Boil and steep ginger in boiling water and drink it. Take the tea along with food or meals. It will help in digesting the food and reducing digestive disturbance caused by lactose allergy.[4]

Drink Ginger Tea

5. Use Mint:

Mint is a useful herb for fighting lactose intolerance. For this, take mint leaves, add them to milk and boil it. Consume the milk in which you have boiled mint leaves. It is a home remedy for lactose intolerance.[5]

Use Mint

6. Use Cocoa:

Studies have shown that the problem of lactose intolerance can be reduced by using cocoa. It also helps in fighting bloating and cramping. Thus, if you have lactose intolerance along with bloating, you can take cocoa in your diet in the form of chocolate or other products.[6]

Use Cocoa

7. Use Lavender And Lemon Balm:

Lavender and lemon balm are herbs that are useful in fighting lactose intolerance. Use these herbs to fight milk allergy caused by lactose intolerance.[7]

Use Lavender And Lemon Balm

8. Drink Green Tea:

If you can’t drink tea made with milk due to lactose intolerance, you can take green tea instead of that. Green tea is made without milk so it is an ideal option for people who cannot take milk due to lactose intolerance.[8]

Drink Green Tea

9. Take Almond Milk, Rice Milk:

If you cannot take milk and dairy foods due to lactose intolerance, you can take almond milk instead of that. Drink raw almond milk. Besides this, you can also take rice milk if you have lactose intolerance.[9]

Take Almond Milk, Rice Milk

10. Use Coconut Cream And Coconut Milk:

Use coconut cream and coconut milk instead of using the cream that is made from milk. Mix coconut cream with soymilk and use. Instead of using milk for making soups and stews, you can use coconut milk. These are healthy alternatives to milk in cooking.[10]

Use Coconut Cream And Coconut Milk

11. Use Fruit Purees For Baking:

Use fruit purees instead of butter for baking purposes. Butter made with milk may be a problem if you have lactose intolerance. Make a puree of banana, prune or applesauce and use in place of butter for baking foods. Replace one cup butter with three fourth cup fruit puree.[11]

Use Fruit Purees For Baking



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