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11 Amazing Herbs And Their Beauty Benefits


There are lots of herbs that are available around the globe which are enriched with several medicinal properties. For this reason they are used vastly by the human beings from the early days of civilization. Apart from the medicinal properties they also provide lots of beauty benefits to you. These herbs are either consumed or used in the home made face pack which makes your skin more beautiful than ever.

List Of 11 Amazing Herbs And Their Beauty Benefits

Blackberry Leaves

Blackberry leaves are used after processing. It is picked, then dried in the sun and then it is used in making infusion with boiling water. Blackberry leaves contain a healthy compound called flavonoids which are known for their antioxidant properties. Anti oxidants prevents skin damage due to free radicals and also prevents premature aging. It also helps in reducing fine lines and wrinkles on your skin.


Tea Tree

Tea Tree is a famous herb which is well known for its anti-fungal and anti bacterial properties. It is an effective herb to cure acne and pimples from your skin naturally in a fast way. It is also good for your hair and provides effective results in removal of dandruff from your scalp. It keeps your hair moisturized. Tea Tree provides you a fungal infections free scalp so that you especially need it in the time of monsoon most.

tea tree


It is basically a Chinese herb and used from long ago as an anti aging herbs. It is used in various medicated infusions which keeps your body young and also slows down the aging process of your body. It has wide use in preparatory medicines which keeps your youth.



This great herb is rich in antioxidant properties which prevents all signs of aging on your skin. It keeps your skin young and wrinkle free. Regular use of herbs provides you a healthy skin in a natural way.


False Daisy

False Daisy is a very well known herb which is famous for promoting hair growth and this herb effectively strengthens your hair from root. This herb basically contains phytochemicals like eclalbosaponins and wedelolactone which helps in promotion of hair growth and strengthen the hair from root. This great herb also keeps your hair healthy. The Indian name of this superb herb is “Bhringaraja”. It has a wide use in Ayurvedic medicines and in herbal hair oils.

false daisy


This is a great herb which is well known for their skin whitening properties and thus this beauty benefits is used in various herbal cosmetics product. Licorice works effectively on your skin by making it fair and soft naturally. Licorice also provides benefits to your hair too. It naturally conditions your hair and helps you in maintaining a healthy hair.

Licorice root


Do you ever heard of Comfrey? It is a superb herb which shows is effect mainly on aged skin. It fantastically lifts your skin and makes it firm from inside. Due to its various beauty benefits this excellent herb is used in different types of anti aging cosmetics.



Hibiscus is a famous herb which involves in hair growth promoting activity and also has moisturizing and conditioning properties too. All of the parts of Hibiscus plant have been used in the Ayurvedic medicine in hair care treatment as it has hair growth and conditioning benefits.

Hibiscus Leaves

Flame Of The Forest

Flame of the forest has a well known scientific name Butea Frondosa which is a well known herb which strengthens your hair from the root and helps in promoting hair growth naturally. It is widely used in different kind of herbal hair care products.



Rosemary is an effective herb which provides benefit to your hair so that it is used in various types of hair problems from ancient times. For the excellent hair care properties of this herb it is used in preparation of herbal hair tonic and conditioner. Rosemary is also helpful to retain the natural color of hair especially in case for dark hair. The concentrated extracts of this herb is used to treat dandruff and other scalp related infections. This herb has a great use in Ayurvedic medicine to prevent pre mature balding and it really gives excellent result in that cases. Rosemary strengthens your hair follicles and helps in making hair naturally growing longer, stronger also thicker.



Basil is a well known herb which is available in almost each corner of this globe and in India it is famous in the name of “Tulsi”. This herb is used in both skin and hair problems. Basil leaves are famous for its anti bacterial and ant septic properties. So basil leaves provides an excellent natural solution for acne and pimples problems of your skin when you use them in your face packs. Anti bacterial property of this great herb used in solving dandruff problem.




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