10 Ways To Reduce The Risk Of Developing Osteoporosis

Reduce The Risk Of Developing Osteoporosis

Osteoporosis or bone thinning makes you suffer from neck pain, back pain, it can give you several fractures and in certain cases it can shade your height up to 6 inches. Osteoporosis is diagnosed mostly among Men and women above the age of 45-50. More sufferers of bone thinning are women specially after completing their menopause period. If you find your mother granny or loved one suffering from osteoporosis helps them to get rid of it with these amazing ways to reduce the risk of osteoporosis.

1. Heavy Weight Carrying Exercise:

Exercise is the most powerful and impactful way to fight with osteoporosis. It is very important to do regular exercise every 5-6 days a week for an hour at least. If you are recently stated exercising 30 minutes aerobic like running, walking dancing etc and should do a little weight lifting and strengthening exercise for basics, just try to increase your exercising immunity slowly as “No Exercise” can effect worst on your spinal cord.

 Weight Carrying Exercise

2. Practicing Balance Exercise:

Balance is first and foremost for fighting with any of the body conditions; balancing exercise such as tai chi can help you in strengthening your body and get your bones relaxed and stress free. Add this body balancing exercise in your daily workout which will help you in preserving proprioception and strengthen your bones.


3. Avoid Smoking:

We all know that smoking effects badly on lungs but many of us are not aware of the fact that it also effects badly on growth of bone. It kills the ability of body to grow strong bones. Smoking can also reduce our body’s healing power. Thus doctors recommend quitting smoking for reducing the risk of osteoporosis.

4. Avoid Excessive Intake Of Alcohol:

Too much harmful in every case. One should also consume a balanced amount of alcohol as good amount of alcohol can help you in strengthening your bones, but extra consumption of the same can directly affect in reduction of estrogen hormones which plays a huge role in the making of bone. More than 2-3 glasses of alcohol can subtract the absorption of calcium which is the foremost need of strong bone. So try not to cross the limit of alcohol consumption.

Intake Of Alcohol

5. Maintain Your Body Weight:

Both being under weight and overweight can effect badly on your bones and spinal cord. Being overweight can limit your body movement and gives pressure to the bones which slowly causes thinning of bone and we all know being under weight can directly link to osteoporosis. So try to maintain your body weight.

Body Weight

6. Eats Vitamin D Rich Foods:

Vitamin D helps your body to process, absorb and utilize good amount of calcium out of food you consume. So it is very important to consume appropriate amount of Vitamin D enrich food daily. As per the sources an average men/women should take up to 600-800 IU daily. Sunlight and food like orange and milk is the main source of vitamin D. Include this food in your daily diet for reducing the risk of osteoporosis.

Vitamin D

7. Reduce The Intake Of Salt:

Research says that people with high blood pressure excrete more amount of calcium in urine and body sweat, it can lead you to huge loss of calcium especially if you already suffering from low calcium deficiency. Thus it is strongly recommended to reduce the intake of salt which defuses high amount of calcium from your body which plays a huge role in creation of bone. Say good bye to high intake of sodium for good calcium.

Reduce The Intake Of Salt

8. Keep A Track On The Intake Of Caffeine And Soda:

If you’re consuming enough calcium a day, then 300 milligram around caffeine and soda is not a problem. But more intake of soda can work adversely and can lead you to greater risk of bone thinning as per the studies. So keep a track on the intake of caffeine and soda as it contains phosphorus which is not good for bone if consumed excessively.


9. Effects Of Medications:

Before taking any medications, take a brief note on its effect from your doctor as some medications consist of prednisone which leads to bone thinning. Medication can affect the absorption of calcium in stomach which has direct link to osteoporosis. Thus it is recommended to consult doctor before consuming any of medicines.


10. Consume Good Calcium Supplements:

Calcium supplements are best for increasing the amount of calcium in your body but it must be consumed at balanced amount. Adequate dosage can cause kidney stones and other problems, thus adults should consume up to 1000 milligrams of calcium per day. Visit dietitian or doctor before including it in your daily routine.

Calcium Supplements



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