10 Ways to get Rid of Gas and Bloating


Developing gas or bloating of stomach is very common and is faced by people many times in their lifetime. Bloating is a state in which the body undergoes tremendous stress towards the abdominal area and your stomach seems to have fully stretched up, inflated or swelled up. An individual faces such a situation when the food has either not digested properly or there is an intake of excess air.

Sometimes cramps, nausea etc are experienced along with gas and therefore a proper checkup is recommended. Excess gas in the body gets developed due to smoking, retention of any liquid, indigestion etc. and it further causes great discomfort to the person. Few ways to get away with the gas in the stomach are as follows. Use them regularly to get visible outcomes in hand.

Enormous Intake Of Water

With an excess gas in the stomach, a sip of water is the last thing a person would want to do. Drinking many glasses of water helps to reinstate the level of sodium and helps the body to extract fluids. An intake of water helps in cleansing the digestive system and keeps away from constipation. Water converts the fats into vitality and vigor. Keeping the body hydrated tends to increase the suppleness and elasticity. Water is a complete nutritional aid an individual can take.

Enormous intake of Water

Reduction Of Salt Consumption

Consumption of salt helps to retain the salt back in the body. Processed and canned foods should be abstained from as it contains high amount of salt. The food containing low levels of sodium should be bought and foods should be prepared freshly at home. The contents of the packaged foods should be studied and consumed properly. Herbs like basil, cilantro, parsley, oregano etc should be preferred as an additive than the packaged foods.

Reduction of Salt consumption

Avoiding Of Chewing Gums

Chewing of gums may cause the development of gas inside the stomach and may cause discomfort to a person. During the process of chewing gums, the air swallowed creates gas in the intestines and the stomach. When the digestive tract comes into play it tends to emit detrimental gases inside the body. Many times the extra gas gets released by passage of wind. If an individual is acquainted to bloating, he/she should be careful with the intake of food and should adopt preventive measures.

Avoiding of Chewing Gums

A Balanced Diet

A proper and a healthy balanced diet should be adopted by an individual to lead a healthy life. Fresh leafy vegetables and fresh fruits should be consumed in abundance to avoid any complications. Foods like cereals, broccoli, whole-grain rice or pasta, bread are enriched with fiber. An adequate amount of fiber should be consumed in order to minimize bloating and may cause constipation. Foods with high fiber should be abstained from as they lead to an improper defecation and causes discomfort to the person.

A Balanced Diet

Regular Exercising

Exercising on a regular basis helps to keep a person healthy and fit. A short walk for fifteen minutes or a short duration workout helps to get away with the detrimental gases developed in the body and causes relief to a person. The exercises cause the gaseous bubbles to diminish and make the movement of gas in the body faster. According to the fitness experts, walks on an alternative basis and pushups which create tremendous pressure towards the abs help to get away with the gas developed in the body.

Regular Exercising

Consumption Of Small Meals

An individual should eat six to seven small meals rather than consuming three meals. Stuffing at once may cause discomfort and lead to an extended belly. Eating small meals helps the digestive system to function properly and boosts up the metabolism. If mini intakes make an individual feel hungry, he/she can cover it up with a healthy snack. The blood pressure and the sugar levels are regulated well with an intake of smaller meals.

Consumption of Small Meals

Relishing The Food

An individual should relish every bite of the food instead of gobbling down the food. Eating fast leads to an increased intake of air during the food. An increased time and chewing of food properly helps the food to break down well and makes it easier for the digestive system to function. Each meal should be eaten for approx half an hour and mouth should be shut during the process of chewing.

Relishing the Food

Regulation Of Dairy Intake

The dairy products should be consumed properly and in a limit. The dairy products should be started with small helpings and then increased over time. Milk, curd, cheese, butter etc are highly concentrated with lactic acid and they should be consumed on a regular basis for a complete nutritional aid. Dairy products might not suit everyone and may cause intestinal bloating and gas. A proper testing and medical aid should be taken before consuming any dairy product.

Regulation of Dairy Intake

Avoid Spicy And Fatty Foods

Spicy foods are liked by many people and they should be consumed in adequate amounts. Spicy foods should be abstained from if an individual is acquainted to bloating and development of gas inside the stomach. The hot and spicy foods lead to a release of acid in the stomach which may cause burning in the stomach and cause ulcers in the stomach. The usage of chili powder, nutmegs, pepper, vinegar etc. should be consumed in limits. The foods containing fats take a longer time to break down so therefore they should be abstained and consumed in limits.

Avoid Spicy and Fatty Foods

A Complete Checkup

An individual should go for a complete checkup including hormonal, glucose and various other checkups. An individual goes through various hormonal changes and when there is an increase of hormones in women and men it makes a person feel very lethargic and bored. An increase in the consumption of calcium and vitamins helps to regulate and function the hormones in a proper manner. The complete check up helps to provide proper reviews of the hormonal levels and helps us to take the medication accordingly. The medicines should be consulted before use.

A Complete Checkup



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