10 Warning Signs That Your Body Is Lacking Water


10 Warning Signs That Your Body Is Lacking Water

Have you ever heard about the importance of water before? The human body consists of about 80% of water but why we don’t know the importance of water till now. More amount of water is directly dependent on the maximum amount of stress-free. It helps in maintaining metabolic process causing control in proper weight. It prevents the body from any dehydration and keeps the mass active and full of strength. Here are the top 10 importance of water for your life.

1. Dry Lips And Skin:

Interestingly, skin is made up of more than 30% of water. Skin contains a sort of oil which will prevent the skin from evaporation. Unfortunately, due to the active lifestyle, most of us tend to lose the water content in the skin. Some of the factors including heat, dry skin, disease, skin infection and much more. Lack of water can cause dehydration. This kind of unusual habit will definitely make you lose water content in your skin. So, you should drink plenty of water to maintain the healthy life.

 Dry Lips And Skin

2. Brain Fog:

Do you know that lack of water will not just worsen your body but also can change your mood, hormones, and cognitive functioning? Dehydration is the serious risk that can cause less arithmetic ability, perceptual discrimination, short term memory and much more. Everyone might know that we should drink plenty of water but why we are unaware of the issues that occur due to lack of water. Dehydration can cause danger, confusion and all.

Brain Fog

3. Constipation:

Water will help our digestive system to break down the foods faster and help the body to take in the fibers much better. Aside from this, water is a strong tool to improve the absorption of water soluble fiber, vitamin C etc. More and more water means it is more likely that you have the healthy body with proper digestion. If you are dehydrated, your kidney will absorb more water to avoid fluid loss. It will make the stool hard to flush out from the digestive track.

4. Headache:

Headaches and migraines are more likely to occur when your body gets dehydrated. Many of us would use to tolerate a headache by a lot of tablets. Tablets are not the exact solution for your headache when it comes to dehydration. We all know that human brain is placed under the special fluid known as “sack” which would maintain the proper functioning of the brain. The best part of this protective fluid is that it will ensure your brain won’t get damaged whenever you run or walk. But, your skull will start bumping against your skull if the fluid is reduced. As you know, dehydration process will reduce the blood circulation to your brain; you should drink enough glass of water every day.


5. Heart Contraction:

Aside from a headache, dehydration can also cause malfunction of some organs in the body. In fact, when the required water content is low, it will surely disturb the effective balance of fibers, mineral, sugar, salt and much more. This may worsen your body function. As a result, premature contractions of heart will occur. So it is essential to have adequate water.


6. Bad Breath:

Have you heard that the saliva is the strong layer to protect your teeth from cavities, disease, and decay? saliva will form the protective layer around the mouth and ensures your teeth are kept safe from all sort of teeth issue. It is not surprising that your mouth won’t produce enough saliva during dehydration , which in turn improves the risk of oral hygiene. Further, less amount of saliva let the germs and bacteria to grow inside the teeth which tend to bad breath.

Bad Breath
7. Lack Of Concentration:

As Human brain consists of 90% of water, it is good to have a glass of water before you start the day. Dehydration will make the brain to get overloaded and it’s difficult to concentrate on anything you listen. It may be sound scary but this fact is very true. Whether you are a student or employer, water plays a vital role in improving your concentration level and enables you to score more.

Lack Of Concentration

8. Urination Problem:

Water is an essential component for the effective function of your kidney. Going to the bathroom at least 9 times a day ensures your kidney functions well. This is the perfect way to flush out all the toxins from your body which would improve your energy and make you feel fresh forever.

9. Tiredness:

If you have suffered from tiredness and nausea, your body would suffer from lack of water. Whether you are a kid or aged people, water is essential to stay sharp even at the end of the day. If you drink more than 10 glass of water, tiredness will be no more for you.


10. Muscle And Joint Pain:

We all know that muscles and cartilage are made up of about 80% water. Whenever you go to the gym or doing any hard physical work, your body should have the adequate amount of water level. Else, muscle and joint pain will be more likely to occur due to dehydration.
Joint Pain


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