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10 Useful Home Remedies For Treating Dry Mouth

dry mouth

Dry mouth is a very serious problem that mainly occurs whenever the salivary glands function in an abnormal way. If the production of saliva is reduced then the mouth becomes dry and the problem is medically known as dry mouth problem. Not only the salivary glands but a lot of other factors are responsible for causing the problem. Smoking, alcohol consumption, anxiety, dehydration, stress, smoking, depression, hormonal imbalance, aging and auto immune diseases also cause dry mouth. The problem makes the day to day life very troublesome as you face a lot of difficulty in eating food. Not only this, sores also appear in the mouth that causes a lot of pain. Other noticeable symptoms of dry mouth are thirst, roughness and dryness in mouth, lack of taste, cracking of lips, bad breath etc. It is very important to deal with the problem and here are the recommended home remedies for the problem of dry mouth.

List Of 10 Useful Home Remedies For Treating Dry Mouth


Excessive dehydration or loss of water from the body is also responsible in causing the dry mouth problem and it is therefore very important to maintain the water balance in the body. Drink plenty of water every day to treat and prevent the problem. Water also helps in restoring the salivary concentration and provides effective results.


Aloe Vera Juice

Aloe vera juice is also very helpful in treating dry mouth. The soothing nature helps in relaxing the mouth from the sores. Not only this, the anti inflammatory nature of aloe vera juice reduces the pain and soreness in mouth. It is also very rich in anti bacterial nature which prevents the risk of severe infection. Drink a glass of fresh aloe vera juice every day to get the benefits.

aloe vera juice

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is rich in anti inflammatory and anti microbial properties and these properties are very useful in reducing the inflammation, pain and the risk of bacterial infection in mouth. Use of coconut oil moisturizes the mouth to prevent dryness. You have to swish your mouth with coconut oil 2 to 3 times daily for getting complete relief.

Coconut Oil


Consumption of ginger directly affects the activity of the salivary glands and helps in making more saliva which reduces the dryness very effectively. Not only this, the anti bacterial and anti inflammatory nature of ginger helps in treating the symptoms. You can chew ginger or consume the fresh ginger tea for getting relief.


Fennel Seeds

Fennel seeds help in improving the health of salivary glands and thus increases salivary production. Not only this, these seeds are also very useful in treating the symptoms of bad breath caused due to dry mouth. Therefore chew fennel seeds many times in a day to get relief.

Fennel Seeds

Cayenne Pepper Powder

Cayenne pepper contains a lot of stimulating components that help in increasing the functioning of salivary glands and increases the production of saliva and treat the dry mouth problem effectively. By regular use you also get relief from the tastelessness symptom and mouth sores. Just mix some cayenne pepper powder with water and drink it every day.


Lemon Juice

Lemon juice increases the immunity of the body and reduces the risk of infection very effectively. Not only this, the acidic nature of lemon also improves functioning of salivary glands so that they can produce more saliva. Moreover drinking lemon juice keeps mouth hydrated and prevents the symptoms very effectively. You should therefore consume lemon juice every day many times to get the benefits.


Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is anti inflammatory and thus it helps in treating the mouth sores occurred due to the dryness in mouth. Not only this, the anti bacterial properties also treats the risk of infection and regular consumption of apple cider vinegar mixed with water keeps the mouth clean and health. It also promotes the salivary production in the mouth to treat the problem completely.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Cardamom Powder

By using cardamom powder you can treat the symptoms like bad breath and infection very effectively. All you need is to prepare concoction of it with water and consume daily until you get complete relief from the problem.


Grape Seed Oil

Grape seed oil is known for its moisturizing properties. Not only this, the oil from grape seeds contains a rich amount of vitamin E and vitamin C which helps in treating the inflammation and the infection to treat the problem. You can keep your mouth well hydrated by using the oil. In order to follow it, you should apply the oil on your tongue and cheeks to get relief. Follow the remedy regularly and repeat it 4 times daily.

Grapeseed Oil


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