10 Top Secrets Of People Who Never Fall Ill


Have you ever wondered why every change of season finds some of us catching a flu, while some people move around happily without any extra layers of clothes. Well it could be genes, but overall lifestyle does affect our health. I feel there is only one secret to good health, a healthy mind and happy demour. This can be achieved in a variety of ways. We should exercise, quit bad habits and eat right which will go a long way in keeping our hormones in harmony and hence the mind and body will be healthy.

Let Us Explore The Secrets Of People Who Never Fall Ill


Some people daily chew a clove of garlic, and claim its their secret to good health. Garlic is an antiseptic and antioxidant. It keeps diseases at bay and also helps it fighting infections. Its natural antibiotic properties help in preventing the spreading of infection inside the body. It is often advised to eat garlic when you suspect the onset of a health issue, as the garlic intake will thwart the spreading of germs. Garlic intake is also said to control blood pressure and cholesterol levels.



Exercise not only increases the blood circulation but also benefits the metabolism of the body. Regular exercise has known to increase the immune system and upper respiratory problems can be greatly benefitted by regular exercise. Increased blood circulation and better metabolism mean a more energetic body and a reduced instance of various diseases. Also, diabetes, heart problems, cholesterol and joint problems can be treated with regular exercise and good physical activity.


Fruits And Vegetables

It is important to eat fruits and vegetables as they supply the body with essential nutrients for everyday activities. They should be consumed preferebly when they are in season and grown close to home. Green vegetables also reduce the oxidative stress of chemicals and toxins and thye act as antioxidants and reduce inflammation in the body. The fiber in fruits helps in digestion and hence leads to better health.


Cold Shower 

Yes, people say that taking cold water showers keeps them healthy and prevents them from falling ill. It strengthens the immune power and makes the body strong enough to fight diseases.


Keep A Social Life

Make friends. go for outing and interact with people. Having people around you helps in boosting the hormones and reduces stress. Stress is the root of many diseases and socializing with people helps in keeping diseases like depression and cognitive disorders at bay. Anxiety, heart diseases, memory loss are all known to benefit if people take time out from their hectic schedules and spend time in the company of good friends.


Low Calorie Diet

A low calorie diet goes a long way in keeping the body healthy and promotes longevity. 25% reduction in the daily intake of calories can help in reducing the chances of diseases. High calorie foods should be replaced with fruits and healthy food items that pep up the body energy and reduce excess fat. Heart ailments, diabetes, cholesterol are all fatal diseases that can be controlled with the reduction of extra calories into the system.

low calorie diet

Stay Hydrated

Water is essential as 66% of our body comprises it. 8-10 glasses of water should be consumed daily as water help in promoting smooth digestion and passage of food through the gut. Also, it keeps the skin elastic and healthy and supplies the body with minerals and vitamins.


Rest And Sleep

We all need to give the body rest from daily activities which helps the body in recovering fromwear, tear and injuries.7 hours of sleep is optimum and people who are sleep deprived often end up contracting a number of diseases due to low immune power. A sleep deprived body leads to the production of cortisol hormone that blocks the ability of the body to heal itself. Sleep like stress has a degenerative effect on the body and leads to detioriation of health.


Maintain PH Balance Of The Body

The body pH should be around 7.4 which is slightly towards the alkaline side. To maintain proper pH fruits should be eaten and processed items must be avoided. Meat, sugars, refined grains can disrupt the pH balances of the body. A decline in the pH level leads to acidiosis which could be the cause of an upset stomach, memory loss, and fatigue. The intake of vegetables helps in reducing acidity in the bodyand soothes an irritated stomach.


Take Home And Herbal Treatments

The modern world resorts to allopathic medicines in great magnitude. This makes our bodies very weak and susceptible to diseases and in addition, these medications carry side effects. The best way is to go for home remedies and herbal cures as they are completely natural and also do not diminish the immunity power of the body. In fact, the polyphenols in green herbs can protect the body against liver diseases, heart ailments, cholesterol and blood glucose problems. So it is best to resort to natural means unless the situation requires medical expertise.



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