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10 Top Home Remedies For Headaches And Migraine


Headache is a common issue in day to day life. People are regularly suffering from this problem due to many reasons. It is a very hectic problem and will not allow the person to carry out the activities in a normal way. It is a not big problem, but proper attention should be paid if it becomes a daily issue. Headaches can be due to sinus problems, tension, stress, lack of sleep and migraines. Thus it is required to take some proper medications in order to cure the problem. Home remedies can become the best medication to cure headache. These remedies are prepared from natural sources and do not cause any problem. They are easy to apply and the results are on time.

Here Are The List Of  Top Home Remedies For Headaches And Migraine

Ice Pack

Cold compress can be taken in the form of ice pack. Cooling down the mind can soothe the nerve and reduce the stress in it. Take one ice bag and keep it on your head. Change the position and avoid keeping it at one location. The blood vessels starts contracting and the pain from headache will thus be cured. It is a best process that can be done at home to provide best results.

ice PACK

Milk With Cinnamon

Cinnamon used for general cooking can also be used to treat headache. It contains best chemicals to soothe nerves and calms the mind. Add some cinnamon powder to milk and mix it properly. Boil the solution and then drink this milk for at least twice in a day for best results. It will cure the problem and release stress.



Ginger is one of the best remedy to cure migraine variety of headache. It contains properties to calm down the mind and releases excessive stress. It can also provide relief from nausea. Take some grated gingers and boil it in water. Boil for some more time and then consume it to get best results. There is no risk of side effects in consuming ginger.



Apples are also found to be effective to cure headache and its all symptoms. It can mainly help to regulate the acidic as well as alkaline levels in human body. Consumption of apples can thus get rid of headache in short time. It is very easy to avoid the problem and add essential nutrients to the body. Repeat this method to get its continuous results.


Cayenne Pepper

Cayenne pepper can treat various kinds of headache. The spicy nature of cayenne pepper will release pain and reduce the inflammation of the blood vessels. Capsaicin present in cayenne pepper will help to reduce pain and provide proper relief. Add some pepper powder to warm water. Soak a cloth in this water and apply it in the nose to get rid of the problem.

Cayenne Pepper


Consumption of more amount of water can really cure many health problems. People are well aware of this fact, but do not drink sufficient water. Continuously drink water to make the body hydrated and boost the metabolism. The toxins will be removed and the mind will be maintained. Thus make sure to drink some best juice and normal water to avoid this problem.


Holy Basil

Basil leaves also contains medicinal properties to cure headache. It mainly contains some best features that will add soothing effect to the brain nerves. It can thus help to combat headache. Drink some basil tea or apply some basil oil to the respective area. Basil tea is really superb to provide instant results to cure the problem and stay calm.



Cloves are well known for its anesthetic properties. It can thus provide stress releasing properties to cure headache. It is mainly used to cure toothache types of problem. The anesthetic features can be utilized to stay calm and contract the brain nerves. Clove oil can be massaged on the head. Wrap some cloves in a cloth and inhale the essence.


Hot Water

Applying heat can help to release the stress and reduce headache. Apply some heat on the back of the neck to provide soothing effect. It will slowly help to relax the muscles and thus reduces tension. Use one hot water bag or one heating pad on the neck for few minutes. It will slowly help to cure headache in few minutes. Hot compress is better idea to cure the problem.

hot water


Lemons contain antioxidants and other chemicals to treat the problem of headache. It is very much refreshing as well as relaxing. Lemon can maintain the acid and alkaline nature of body. Add some fresh squeezed lemon juice to warm water. Mix it well and drink this solution to extract its best benefits.



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