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10 Top Herbal Home Remedies For Baldness


The good news for the balds in distress is that baldness is now curable with many hidden home remedies which if followed carefully can boost hair growth. An individual’s façade persona is mostly reflected from hair and its shine and thickness which enhance our look. Taking therapy, hair spa and other medicines may not be that useful as compared to the herbs which have a natural healing power. The warning bells of taking care and steps to prevent hair fall starts after one starts losing more than 100 strands of hair per day. Hair loss depends upon various factors that cause the loss of it and the remedies and cures depends upon the causes and its cures for the same. Like any other body part hair scalp and hair also requires proper exercise and blood circulation which is very vital for hair growth. Below are some of remedies that can be tried right from your home to heal the problem of baldness.

List Of Herbal-home Remedies For Baldness

1. Coconut Oil

Oil massage increases the flow of blood in the scalp by the pressure of the fingers increasing the hair follicles, conditioning the scalp and strengthening the roots of the hair. In case of hair loss due to use of colors and scalp irritation, coconut oil serves as the best remedy to reduce the irritation and heal the roots likely to be damaged due to color.

Coconut Oil

2. Olive Oil

Olive oil can be best used with egg mask for hair with added mixture of honey. It restores moistures and heals the brittle hair end. It blocks the narrowing follicles and makes way for new thick hair follicle to grow. And the health of the scalp is also improved.olive oil

3. Sesame Oil

Sesame oil is very good for heat massage and relaxation of scalp. This oil helps in thickening of hair follicle and the results can be seen after one application for 3-4 hours. This oil and their mixture are very useful in increasing the hair growth.

Sesame Oil

4. Hot Oil

Hot oil massage can be done with rosemary oil which is very helpful in preventing hair loss. The oil can be mixed with shampoo and other herbs like alovera for better results. It makes the hair very silky and tangle free.


5. Lemon

Lemon fruit has its own goodness in treating hair fall and bringing added freshness in scalp making it breath. The lemon juice can be applied by fingers in small quantity on scalp and can be left for 15-20 minutes. The lemon juice which is acidic helps in destroying the bacteria of the scalp and other fungus causing hair loss.


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6. Sunflower

There are some exotic herbs and flowers which can be used by its application in the oil or by making a paste and applying it directly on the hair. Sunflower seeds have been proved to be very effective in treating hair fall as it has high amounts of zinc which is good for hair. The seeds can be powdered and mixed with oil or can be applied through paste.


7. Lotus

Lotus flower stems and leaves have also proved very helpful in treating hairloss. Lotus leaves or flowers can be smashed till it becomes a paste and apply on the bald portion of your head. If you continue this process of a week, then you are sure to see a positive result for your hairloss problem.

lotus flower

8. Gingko Biloba Tea

Gingko biloba roots can be used for treating hair fall. Gingko biloba root tea is very healthy. The paste of the roots can be made applied on the scalp. Neem leaves paste can also be used for extra conditioning. Exotic herbs like avocado, hemp, gingko biloba, etc. are also very useful in treating hair loss.


9. Burdock Root

Burdock root is one of the strongest herbs which encourage hair growth. The herb contains humongous amounts of fatty acids which can be boiled with other oil or simply boiled in water and can be used for hair wash. Paste method could also be used for better results. The time limit is minimum two hours.


10. Cinnamon And Honey

Besides burdock root treatment, cinnamon method can also be used. The application of cinnamon is very effective during night time. Make cinnamon powder and store in some jar. Every night before going to sleep make small paste of cinnamon with lukewarm honey and apply on the scalp or area having hair loss in small quantity and wash every morning with lukewarm water. The result of the cinnamon treatment was very highly effective as after some days users noticed instant small hair growth on the scalp.

Honey And Cinnamon


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