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10 Tips To Tighten Your Skin Post Weight Loss


Obesity is major health risk for overweight people. People try various types of treatments, diets and remedies for losing weight. If you have lost weight, you should be happy about this achievement and try to continue your efforts for getting a slim and fit body. The main problem after having lost weight is that the skin becomes very loose. This causes a lot of disappointment and helplessness in the affected persons mind. The skin loses its elasticity and it looks unattractive. This problem can be solved well by using some natural tricks and remedies that help in tightening the skin. We will discuss about this here.

Following Are The 10 Simple Tips To Tighten Your Skin Post Weight Loss

Use Castor Oil

Castor oil helps in treating loose skin caused by weight loss. Add lemon juice to this oil. Mix well. Apply on skin on affected areas with a rubbing movement. Do this before sleeping at night. The skin will become tight naturally.

Castor oil

Drink Water

Increase the intake of water for making the skin tight and smooth. Drinking water helps in hydrating the body and improving the health of skin. The daily intake of water should be minimum six glasses. It will make the skin radiant while improving its elasticity thus helping in tightening the loose folds of skin.


Eat Fruits And Vegetables

It is important to take a healthy diet for improving the condition of skin. Include fruits and vegetables in your diet. These foods contain nutrients that make the body healthy while nourishing the skin. Eat five servings fruits and vegetables daily.


Eat Protein Rich Foods

Protein is an important nutrient that helps in formation of collagen and elastin, which are needed for tightening the skin. Thus, you should eat foods that contain protein. You can eat beans, pulses and legumes. Protein rich foods include fish and nuts.


Take Fish Oil

Take fish oil capsule for making the skin tight after weight loss. The oil contains nutrients that increase skin elasticity. You can also get fish oil by eating fatty fishes like tuna and mackerel. The fish is very good for skin health.

Fish Oil

Make Daily Skincare Routine

Make a daily routine of skin care that includes using a body scrub that can help in exfoliating the skin. It will improve blood circulation while eliminating impurities like dirt, dust and dead cells from skin. Use herbal skin creams that contain ingredients that help in formation of collagen.

Body Scrub

Apply Moisturizer

The skin becomes sagged and stretched after weight loss. Apply moisturizer on the skin daily on affected areas. Buy a moisturizer that contains Vitamin E. You can buy a moisturizer that contains skin healthy ingredients that improve skin elasticity. Moisturizers with aloe vera are very good for skin.


Use Sea Salt

Sea salt scrub helps in improving the condition of skin and making it tight. Scrubbing the skin with sea salt helps in improving blood circulation in skin. This helps in eliminating the loose skin and making it more elastic. Apply the scrub before taking bath and wash it off with bathwater. Use the scrub two times daily thrice a week.

Sea salt

Use Skin Tightening Creams

It is beneficial to use skin tightening creams. It will help in tightening the loose skin folds. Buy cream or lotion that contains collagen and elastic. Apply the cream on affected areas and see the loose skin disappear. Use the cream regularly.


Massage Therapy

Massage therapy is very effective in tightening the loose skin caused by excessive weight loss. It improves the blood circulation in the body. Ask someone to give you a good massage. You can also take professional massage treatment. Do the massage using oils. Mix essential oil in the oil you use for massage. Get the massage done once in a week or two weeks.




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