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10 Tips On The Importance Of Skin Care At Every Age


Healthy skin is an asset that improves our looks and beauty. We all wish to have glowing blemish free skin. Skin problems are becoming very common with a large number of people having some or the other problem. Lack of skin care, pollution and skin disorders are the main cause of these problems. We can have a beautiful face and shiny skin if we take proper care of our skin. It is important to make a daily skin care routine that includes cleansing, toning and moisturizing. Women of different ages suffer from specific problems with different treatments and skin care. We will discuss about skin care for different ages.

Following Are The Top 10 Tips On The Importance Of Skin Care At Every Age

Skin Care For Children

Wash The Skin

Children and girls up to the age of twelve need special skin care. Wash the face daily. Use a cleanser that does not contain harsh soap. Avoid cleansers and soaps that have fragrance. Use special soaps for babies. Wash the face several times in a day when the skin becomes dirty.


Use Sunscreen

Protect children from excess sun exposure. It will help in preventing problems like dark spots and collagen damage. Children should apply a good sunscreen while playing outdoors. Choose a high SPF value sunscreen with UV protection.


Skin Care For Twenties

Use Moisturizer

Pimples and acne are very common in the age of twenties. Clean the face with a gentle cleanser. Use moisturizer that does not contain oil. Apply a moisturizer that contains salicylic acid at night before going to sleep. The moisturizer should have sunscreen of minimum SPF 15.


Use Eye Cream

Women who are in their twenties should use an eye cream that can smoothen lines and increase collagen production in the skin. Use eye makeup remover that contains hydrating ingredients. Use a good product for treating acne. Use night cream with retinol.

Under Eye Cream

Skin Care For Thirties

Avoid Tanning, Smoking

The skin starts showing signs of aging in thirties. Wrinkles and line form on the face. You can prevent premature aging of skin by protecting the skin from sunlight. Avoid tanning of skin. Clean the skin with pH balanced cleanser. Avoid smoking.


Use Antioxidant Products

Women in thirties should use beauty products that contain antioxidants. It will help in fighting free radical damage. Look for products that contain Vitamin C. It will prevent damage to collagen and elastin. Use products that contain idebenone.


Skin Care For Forties

Treat Skin Dryness

Forties is the time when the skin becomes very dry. You should use moisturizer and face washes that contain hydrating ingredients such as glycerin and ceramides. Use a sunscreen to protect the skin from sun damage. Apply retinol cream on face at night.


Treat Wrinkles, Pigmentation

Skin problems like wrinkles and pigmentation are common during the forties. These problems can be solved by taking professional skin treatments. Get regular facials done by a beauty expert. Facial peels and laser treatments are also good for this age.


Skin Care For Fifties

Use Hydrating Creams

Fifties is the age when women suffer from skin problems due to hormonal changes caused by menopause. The skin becomes very dry and sagged. Instead of using moisturizing lotions, you should use hydrating moisturizing creams that contain glycerin and ceramides. Use creams that contain retinol and AHAs.


Take Botox And Exfoliating Treatment

Women in their fifties can take botox treatment for getting rid of age related skin problems like wrinkles and lines. It will help them in getting a younger look. Elderly women need to take professional exfoliating treatment from a beauty expert. It will remove the dry skin and help in forming new skin layer thus renewing the skin.




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