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10 Tips For Sagging Skin Care

Tips For Sagging Skin Care

The skin becomes loose with increasing age. As we become older, our skin starts losing its elasticity. This is due to the effect of signs of aging. The muscles become weak and there is sagging in the skin. This problem is also caused by sun exposure, obesity, dehydration, smoking and weight loss. Using beauty products that contain chemicals also causes sagged skin. It may be accompanied by the formation of lines and wrinkles on skin. It is important to take steps to prevent and control sagging of skin. We will give some tips for this. Use these tips to get tight and firm skin.

Following Are The Top 10 Tips For Sagging Skin Care

Use Moisturizer And Scrub

Sagged skin is often caused by dehydration and lack of moisture. You can prevent these problems by applying a moisturizer on face and neck regularly. Apart from this, you should exfoliate the skin by using a face scrub. It will make the skin healthy.

Use Moisturizer And Scrub

Apply Sunscreen

It is important to protect the skin from the effects of sunlight, as it is the main cause of sagged skin. For this, you should use a good quality sunscreen that has an SPF value of 25. Use the sunscreen on face and neck.


Apply Lemon Juice

Lemon is a citrus fruit that treats sagged skin by increasing collagen production. Apply the juice on face all over. Wash the face after ten minutes. This should be done twice daily. Dilute lemon juice by adding water to it. Wash the face and apply the lemon water. Let it become dry. Do this one time daily.

Lemon Juice

Use Eye Cream

Using an eye cream helps in treating dark circles, swelling and puffiness near the eyes. It makes the skin tight and firm. Choose an eye cream that contains ingredients with anti-aging properties. It will treat sagging of skin near the eyes.

Under Eye Cream

Take Facials

Taking facial treatments at a beauty parlor helps in making the skin tight. It treats sagged skin quite well. Facial will help in cleansing the skin and improving its elasticity. Visit a salon near your place for facials.


Use Olive Oil

Oil massage helps in making the skin tight and firm thus treating sagging. You should use warm olive oil for the massage. Massage the face very gently using lukewarm oil. Do this for at least ten minutes. It will beneficial if you do the oil massage at night before sleeping.

olive oil

Use Retinol Cream

Using a retinol cream helps in treating sagged skin. The cream contains Vitamin A and its topical application externally on the skin helps in increasing the amounts of elastin and collagen in the skin. Thus, you should apply a retinol cream on face before sleeping at night every day.

Retinol Cream

Use Hydrating Serum

It is beneficial to use a hydrating serum on skin for treating sagged skin. Choose a serum that contains peptides and skin nutrients like Vitamin B3. It will help in improving skin elasticity. Serum with hydrating properties helps in fighting lines and wrinkles.


Use Egg White

If you apply the white part of egg on skin, it will help in making the skin tight, which treats the problem of sagging and loose skin. Beat egg white and apply on face. Wash the face after twenty minutes.

Egg White

Do Facial Exercises

Some types of facial exercises help in making the face muscles tight and toned and this helps in treating the problem of sagged skin. It will be beneficial to do these exercises. Learn facial exercises that help in making the skin tight and firm.

facial Exercises


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