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10 Things That Irritate Your Skin


Healthy skin helps in enhancing our beauty and looks. Problems like spots, acne and wrinkles are very common. Proper care and using good quality cosmetics can improve the condition of skin. The skin is subjected to external forces like dust, dirt, pollution and other environmental effects. It leads to many types of skin problems. It is important to protect the skin from damage. Some people have very sensitive skin that is prone to allergy and reaction. The skin is irritated by some things that cause sensitivity. Skin irritation is a sign that the skin cannot tolerate certain things or elements in our environment and products we use. We will tell you about some things that irritate the skin.

You Should Watch Out These 10 Things May Be Irritating Your Skin


Drinking less water causes dehydration and it leads to various types of skin problems including irritation. It is important to drink plenty of water. It helps in hydrating the skin and preventing dehydration. It makes the skin soft while preventing dryness and irritation.


Hot Bathwater

Taking bath with hot water removes moisture and natural oils from the skin leading to irritation and other problems. It makes the skin very dry. Don’t take bath with extremely hot water. Always use lukewarm water for bathing.


Harsh Soaps

Soaps that contain chemicals and harsh ingredients irritate the skin. Using such soaps can increase the dryness of your skin leading to several types of problems. Harsh soaps remove the moisture of skin making it very dry. Thus, avoid using harsh soaps.


Harsh Cleansers

Using harsh cleansers for exfoliating the skin causes irritation. Cleansers that contain harsh ingredients and chemicals cause redness and breakouts in the skin. Avoid such cleansers. Choose gentle cleansers with natural ingredients.


Walnut Scrubs

We use many types of face and body scrubs for cleaning the skin. Using walnut scrub is not good for skin. If the scrub contains pieces of walnut shells, it can cause irritation in the skin. The rough pieces of walnuts are harsh on the skin causing sensitivity.


Licking And Biting The Lips

Licking and biting lips is a very bad habit that irritates the skin of lips. When you lick the lips, the saliva dries and damages the skin of your lips. Biting the lips causes cracking and bleeding in it. Thus, you should avoid licking and biting the lips.


Lemon Juice

Many of us treat common skin problems with home remedies that contain lemon juice. Lemon juice is a citric food that contains acid in it. It causes irritation when applied on the skin. If you go out in the sunlight after applying lemon juice on skin, it causes reaction and burning of skin.



If you are fond of using perfume, it is important to know that it is not good for your skin. Spraying perfume on skin causes irritation. Perfumes contain high amounts of chemicals and ingredients that cause skin sensitivity.


Toners With Alcohol

It is not good to use toners that have alcohol in it. Such toners are very hard on the skin as it removes water and natural moisture from skin. Don’t use toners that contain alcohol. Choose toners that are alcohol free.


Cosmetics With Chemicals

Harsh cosmetics that contain harmful chemicals cause skin irritation. If the beauty product you use contains chemicals, the skin will become damaged. Waterproof eye makeup products are not good for skin. Avoid using such makeup products. Choose hypoallergenic makeup. Buy cosmetics that contain natural and safe ingredients.




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