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10 Surprising Uses For Skincare Oil


Skincare oils help in improving the condition of skin and treating many types of skin disorders. Many types of oils are available in the market. Choose the best oil according to your requirement or skin problem you have. The oil has a very nice smell. You can apply the oil on face, hands and the rest of body parts. The oil can be used for healing skin problems. Women can apply the oil over the makeup also. It makes the makeup look better without clogging the skin pores. It is important to know about the skincare oils and its uses. We will tell you about some very good oils here.

Following Are The 10 Surprising Uses For Skincare Oil

Use As Moisturizer

Skincare oils can be used as a moisturizer. Apply the oil on face and rest of body parts. It will moisturize the skin making it soft and beautiful. Apply the oil on skin at night before sleeping. It will treat skin dryness making the skin moist.


Use As Makeup Remover

You can remove makeup naturally by using skincare oils. Apply the oil over the makeup and wipe off for removing all traces of makeup from the skin. Use cotton for doing this. Clean the face and eyes and wash the face after that.

makeup removal

Use As Lip Balm

Lips can become very soft beautiful by applying skincare oils on it. Dab little amount of oil on your lips. It will hydrate the skin of lips. Applying oil helps in treating the problem of chapped lips. Dab the oil on lips at frequent intervals throughout the day like a lip balm.

lip balm

Use For Tired Eyes

Many times, the eyes become puffed up and tired after a hard days of work. You can improve the beauty of eyes with skincare oil. Apply the oil below the eyes. It will help in refreshing the eyes and skin near it.


Use For Acne And Blemishes

Skincare oil like tea tree oil helps in healing skin problems like blemishes. The oil has astringent properties. You can use the oil for curing the problem of acne. Apply the oil on areas affected by acne and blemishes.

Tea tree oil

Use For Skin Irritation And Inflammation

Chamomile oil is a very good skincare oil that helps in healing irritation, inflammation and redness of skin. It is very effective in treating rosacea. The oil has anti-inflammatory properties. Apply the oil on problem areas of your skin. Check the oil for allergy before using it.

Chamomile Oil

Use For Aging Problems

Skin problems caused by aging can be healed by using skincare oils like rosehip oil. The oil can cure problems like lines and wrinkles. It makes the skin clear and flawless while curing spots. The oil improves the skin complexion.


Use For Healthy Nails

You can make your nails healthy and beautiful by using skincare oils. Apply the oil on cuticles of fingernails. Leave the oil on nails so that it is absorbed well. The nails will become strong. The skincare oil hydrates the cuticle, which makes it soft.


Use As Hair Conditioner

Skincare oils like coconut oil can be used as a conditioner for hair. Apply the oil on hair and scalp. Wait for some time and then wash hair as usual. It will treat hair dryness, Coconut oil prevents hair from becoming brittle.

Coconut Oil

Use For Fly Away Hair

Many of us have the problem of fly away hair in which the hair doesn’t stay at one place and flies here and there. You can use the skincare oil for dealing with this problem. Apply the oil on hair like a serum for controlling fly away hair.



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