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10 Super Home Remedies To Manage And Treat Urtricaria


Urticaria is commonly known by the name of hives and it is a skin disorder which is characterised by tiny red bumps on the skin. It occurs due to allergic and non-allergic conditions in which the skin releases histamine or chemicals into the bloodstream which result in these rashes and swelling. Sun exposure, allergies or mosquito bite could be the reason, but there are home remedies that can reduce the discomfort caused by urticaria.

List Of 10 Super Home Remedies To Manage And Treat Urtricaria

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar has anti-inflammatory and healing properties to treat the swelling and redness caused by urticaria. Add 1-2 cups of raw apple cider vinegar to a bathtub of warm water. Soak for 15-20 minutes in this bath for relief from the symptoms of urticaria. Also, mix equal quantities of apple cider vinegar with water and wash the affected area with this mixture to sooth the skin. Drinking a glass of water in which 1 tsp of apple cider vinegar has been added can be an effective way to treat this skin disorder.

apple cider vinegar

Cold Compress 

Take some ice and wrap it in a piece of cloth. Now dab the affected area with this cold compress or wash it with cold water to provide relieve to the inflammation and itching.


Baking Soda

It has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties to lessen the effects of urticaria. Make a paste of 3 parts of water with 1 part of baking soda. Apply this to the affected area for 1-2 minutes and then rinse off with warm water. A soak prepared by adding 1 cup of baking powder to a bathtub of warm water and soaking in it for 10 minutes can reduce the itching, swelling and irritation in the skin.

Baking Soda

Aloe Vera

This plant has medicinal properties to heel and sooth inflammation in the skin. Take the sap of fresh aloe vera juice and apply topically to the rashes. Rinse after a while. This can be repeated 2-3 times a day.

Aloe Vera


Oatmeal can reduce the swelling and inflammation caused by the symptoms of urticaria. Add finely ground oatmeal to a bathtub of water and dip yourself for 15 minutes. Or, make a paste of half cup oatmeal in a little water and apply it to the affected part and wash it after 30 minutes. The redness, itchiness and swelling will all be reduced.



This herb has cooling properties that can sooth irritated skin and its antiviral properties can reduce the inflammation. Heat a mixture of a glass of water to which 1 tsp of mint leaves and sugar has been added. Cool, strain and drink. Also prepare this mint tea and wash the affected part to reduce the discomfort.



Basil is a medicinal herb known for its antiseptic, antibacterial qualities and is also a natural antihistamine. Basil tea can be made, chilled for 30 minutes and applied to the hives. Was it after some time. Direct application of the basil juice can also reduce the symptoms of urticaria.



This root can stimulate the immune system to fight infections. Add 2 tsp of licorice root powder to hot water and steep for 10 minutes and strain. You can add honey and have it once or twice a day.



Turmeric is a spice that has effective antibacterial and antihistamine properties. Take 2 tsp of turmeric and steep it in 2 cups of boiling water for 10 minutes. Cool and drink it twice a day for quick relief and to avoid recurrence.



The antiseptic properties of alum help in reducing symptoms of urticaria. Sprinkle dry alum powder on the affected area, wait for 5 minutes and wash off. Also, mix 1 tsp of alum powder in 1 cup of warm water and was the affected parts with this solution. It can be done 2-3 times a day.



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