10 Super Foods That Help Prevent Breast Cancer

Super Foods That Help Prevent Breast Cancer

Breast cancer is perhaps the most common and deadliest cancer that many women suffer from throughout the world. The risk of developing breast cancer is also increasing day by day. According to The World Health Organization (WHO), by 2020 the number of breast cancer patient will be much higher. Many factors contribute to this complex disease. Along with genetics, lifestyle and dietary factors are also responsible for contracting breast cancer. In addition to limiting alcohol consumption, smoking, avoiding exposure to radiation and environmental pollution, staying physically active, taking care of your diet can help to prevent breast cancer.

Your dietary choices play a great role in development of breast cancer which is so frightening and dangerous. The excess dietary fats like saturated fats, processed and junk foods raise the estrogen levels and encourages tumor growth, while some foods have been shown to reverse the spread of malignant cancer cells and thus help in preventing breast cancer. Clinical studies have shown that eating foods rich in cancer-fighting vitamins, minerals and antioxidant rich nutrients can help to prevent breast cancer. These foods are also helpful in diminishing the recurrence of breast cancer and reduce the adverse effect of cancer treatment. New researches have shown that these 15 super foods suppress estrogen and hence stop cancer cell from spreading.

10 Super Foods That Help Prevent Breast Cancer


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