10 Reasons To Eat The Bitter Gourd

Reasons To Eat The Bitter Gourd

Bitter gourd or bitter melon is a tropical perennial herb mostly found in the Asian countries, where its known for its medicinal benefits. Although, the bitter taste of this herb might repulse some people, but it can really sweeten ones health because of its disease preventing compounds. One of the best known benefits of gourd is its ability to lower the blood sugar level in diabetics. Bitter gourd is loaded with minerals, vitamins and dietary fibre. The raw green form of the vegetable is consumed more often than the ripe yellow form. Bitter gourd can be boiled, fried or eaten as curry. It’s widely available in form of dried powder or juice at most health food stores. Read the following article to know about this amazing herb.

10 Reasons To Eat The Bitter Gourd


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