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10 Proven Remedies For Whitening Dark Underarms


Dark underarms often make women conscious while wearing swimsuit or sleeveless clothes. The discoloration of underarms as compared to rest of the skin is caused by shaving, excessive sweating, use of hair removing cream regularly, accumulation of dead cells, poor ventilation of underarms and use of alcohol- based antiperspirant and deodorants. Excessive smoking, diabetes and obesity can also be the reasons for dark underarms. Some reputed deodorant bands are promising white underarms in their campaigns, but these claims are rarely true because deodorant are one of the main culprits for causing dark underarms. Creams and lotions can also darken the skin because of the chemicals and alcohol contained in them. Sometimes these products cause allergic reaction also. Fortunately, there are excellent home remedies right from your kitchen shelves that can reduce darkening of the underarms and you can wear sleeveless without any hesitation.

10 Proven Remedies For Whitening Dark Underarms



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