10 Natural Ways To Be Heart Healthy


Whatever you eat, whatever you drink and whatever activity you do the whole day, it impacts on your health. The entire processes take place in our body depends on our heart, so it is necessary to keep the heart healthy always. Off-course bad habits can affect good health, and those habits can also take your heart in severe conditions. People, who live a healthy lifestyle like who don’t smoke and drink, they can also face heart problems. It totally depends on how you take care of your heart to keep it healthy.

Here Are Ten Natural Ways To Be Heart Healthy

Don’t Smoke

Smoking is injurious to health; you can see this caution written everywhere. People have thought that smoking is dangerous because it affects our lungs. It is true, but smoking also affects the functionality of our heart. Health experts say that smoking leads you towards coronary heart disease, which is a severe heart condition. Probably you would not like to suffer from this disease, so don’t smoke.


Know Your Risks

The good health of the heart depends upon many things. You should maintain good levels of HDL cholesterol and try to maintain low levels of LDL cholesterol. Also know your body mass index and check that it is fine or not. Don’t gain too much extra weight and if you are already a fat guy, try to reduce excess fat. These things are important to maintain good health of the heart.


Limit Alcohol Consumption

People are thinking that drinking alcohol is good for health; some are agreeing to this fact and some do not. Too much use of alcohol can cause heart disease. It increases levels of triglycerides, which represents fat levels in the blood. It is good if you don’t drink, and there is no need to think about starting drinking. Health experts also suggest people to limit their coffee consumption because it can also lead you towards heart diseases.


Live An Active Life

Active lifestyle decreases chances of having heart disease. There are many working men and women, who don’t smoke and don’t drink. Many of them have suffered from heart diseases because they either sit or lay down to the bed. Living an active lifestyle is equally important as leaving drinking and smoking. Get up early and go for a walk. Keep your body active and don’t sit or lay for a long time.


Include Fiber In Your Diet

If you want to take care of your heart, start taking high fiber diet. Fiber precisely reduces LDL cholesterol levels in blood and also promotes better working of the digestive system. When you switch your diet to a high fiber diet, you eat foods which contain a lot of nutrients. You will feel full faster, and this diet can prevent you from overeating.


Manage Your Weight

Obesity leads the person towards heart diseases. You should eat healthy to be healthy. Spend at least one hour by doing exercise and you should also follow a low sugar diet plan to maintain proper weight. Avoid eating junk food and prefer seasonal fruits in the breakfast. Obesity has been called the producer of many new diseases. It can be a problematic disease for you to deal with. So before facing the worst situation get active and maintain a good weight according to your height.


Eat Walnuts Before Lunch And Dinner

Eating 5-6 walnuts before lunch and dinner can help you in meeting omega-3 fatty acid demands of your body. These fatty acids reduce inflammation in the arteries and consequently your heart works well than before. Walnuts can be available easily in fruit stores, and these are quite cheap to purchase. It is a cost effective way of maintaining the better function of the heart.


Don’t Consume Cholesterol

Cholesterol is available in many foodstuffs like meat, beef, and eggs. Eating animal cholesterol can increase LDL cholesterol levels of your body, which is not good for the heart. Avoid eating such foods and go for vegetarian meals. Or you should check the nutrition facts before eating any non-vegetarian food. It helps you in maintaining low cholesterol levels.


Eat Fruit Salad

Fruit salad can be a health-promoting breakfast in the morning. Fruits are full of nutrients and minerals. They provide you essential nutrients like fiber, protein, vitamins and minerals. Try to eat 5-6 different fruits in sliced form. Thus, your body’s nutrition demands will complete efficiently.


Eat Fish Twice In A Week

Fishes taste delicious, but more than it fishes are quite beneficial for the heart. Fishes like salmon and mackerel contain essential omega-3 fatty acids, which decreases inflammation in arteries and also reduces triglycerides. That’s why you should eat fish at least twice in a week.



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