10 Natural Remedies To Prevent And Treat Fungal Infections In Rains


The rains bring with them the risk of a lot of fungal diseases, as these bacteria thrive on moisture. Rain water coupled with the sweating, can lead to the risk of many skin diseases. They usually occur on the surface of the skin and can be treated easily. If people who are more prone to infections are careful, as these infections are contagious and the skin becomes red, swollen and itchy. Simple measures like cleanliness can help in avoiding these infections. The common fungal infections are ringworm, jock’s itch, athlete’s foot, candida, and many others.

List Of 10 Natural Remedies To Prevent And Treat Fungal Infections In Rains

The Various Measures To Prevent Fungal Infections Are

Keep Your Skin Dry

The rain moisture and humidity leads to the breeding of germs and infections, especially at the folds of the skin and groin area, as these areas are likely to sweat more. Keeping the skin area dry will prevent infections and will keep the skin healthy and safe. Do not move around in wet clothes or socks and change immediately.


Wash The Body And Skin

It is advised to wash the face 2-3 times a day, and also the feet, and private parts which are more susceptible to infections. A daily cleansing ,toning, and moisturising regime also keeps the skin of the face healthy and glowing. Washing helps in eleminating the dirt and excess oils to prevent the formation of fungus.


Apply Talcum Powder

Applying talcum keeps the folds of the skin dry and prevents the friction and sweating, that can lead to rashes and skin irritation. If perpiration is in control, it will not get coupled with the atmospheric humidity and cause infections.

Talcum Powder

Avoid Artificial Jewellery

In the rainy months, people who are prone to fungal infections, should avoid wearing heavy jewellery, especially artificial jewllery. Sensitive people immeditely develop rashes and skin allergies which thrive and multiply due to the air humidity.Wearing jewellery on the neck and wrists leads to infections and people develop eruptions and irritations due to sweat and moisture.


Cut The Nails

Nails can easily develop infections, so care should always be taken to keep them clean. We should trim them and keep them dry and clean.

Trim your nails

Wear Cotton Clothes

Wear clothes that help the skin breathe and do not aggravate skin problems. Synthetic clothes do not absorb moisture and let it stay on the skin which can lead to increased skin irritation. Also change immediately from wet swimmwear, socks and other clothes that get wet as they will breed germs to cause infections.


Treatment From Fungal Infections In Rain Weather

Tea Tree Oil

This is a great disinfectant and prevent germs from spreading and treats them fast. This oil can be combined with coconut oil and applied on the affected areas to help soothe the skin and relief irritation and swelling.

Tea Tree Oil

Aloe Vera Gel

This works well for skin irritation and infections and fights all skin problems. It has a cooling affect to soothe a sore skin and also disinfects the affected area.

Aloe Vera


This is antifungal and anti microbial and has been known to reduce and combat infections. Combine honey with lemon juice, brown sugar, olive oil and apply on the affected area and wash off when dry. The infection gets treated fast and effectively.



These contain natural enzymes to fight infections on the skin. Mash fruits like mango, pomegranate and watermelon and apply on the skin. They draw out all the infection, clear scars and marks, dries and cools the infected skin.



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